Reinhardt Schuhmann Jr. Laboratory

The Reinhardt Schuhmann Laboratory is dedicated to experimental studies of the thermodynamic and kinetic properties of materials systems at high temperatures.

The laboratory has several molybdenum and platinum resistance tube furnaces capable of operating a 1600 C, and has extensive facilities for chemical and thermal analyses. These include a Leco oxygen analyzer (model RO-116), a Leco sulfur analyzer (model IR-232), a Perkin-Elmer atomicabsorption spectrophotometer (model 3030) with lamps for 30 elements, three Cahn 1000 electro-microbalances, two Dupont thermogravimetric and thermal analysis systems, a 20 KW high frequency induction furnace and a Lucifer laboratory furnace (model 6000). The laboratory is also equipped with solid state electrochemical oxygen sensors, gas flow meters, centrifuges, and drying ovens.