Undergraduate Labs

The School of Materials Engineering has an extensive array of tools available for materials preparation and characterization. These include facilities to perform micro-structural analysis, materials processing, and mechanical testing of metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, and a wide range of materials. Materials Engineering facilities are located primarily in the Armstrong Hall of Engineering 

Mechanical Testing (ARMS 2191)

Polymer Processing (ARMS 2172)

Powder Processing (ARMS 2170)

Heat Treatment (ARMS 2160)

Cutting (ARMS 2136)

Sample Processing (ARMS 2138)

Polishing (ARMS 2132)

Optical Microscopy (ARMS 2130)

Access to Facilities

The School of Materials Engineering has implemented a user charge to partially cover the expense of offering the use of facilities to all internal and external researchers. In addition, the School of Materials Engineering has implemented a special projects labor fees to cover lab staff salary costs incurred by providing training, technical expertise, and assistance for special research projects.  This charge is separate from the recharge for Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Diffraction Facilities.

To request access to certain laboratories and equipment, please fill out the Laboratory and Equipment Access and Billing Capture Form and return it to David Meyer (6-3480) in Room 2309 ARMS. The user’s account number provided on this form will be charged, beginning with the month the user is first added to the laboratory access list. The fee will be assessed monthly for the period requested, or through the month in which the MSE Staff and business office receive a written request to be removed from the access list. If the user requires technical expertise, or assistance, beyond the basic operations training, the special project labor fees will be accessed on an hourly basis.

Fees: Current Rates

Required Form: Laboratory and Equipment Access Application  Form

Admin Contact Info:  meyerdl@purdue.edu

Card Swipe Access: Card Swipe Request Form (For card swipe access to MSE teaching and research labs). 

PLEASE NOTE:  Undergraduates may only receive Business Hour Access (8am-5pm, M-F).