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Our Graduate Students

Anneliese Brenner
Structure-Property-Processing Relationships in High Emissivity Coatings for Hypersonic Flight
John Coleman
Transport of grain-refined solid particles in direct-chill casting (Novelis)
Nicole Ernat
Exergy harvesting from home appliances (Whirlpool)
Geoffrey Gardner
MBE Growth of GaAs Heterostructures
Duo Huang
Metallurgy and processing of Boron-bearing steels (ArcelorMittal)
Logan Kroneman
Thin section casting of nickel superalloys (Rolls-Royce)
Matthew Lancaster
Effect of Defects on Ceramic Matrix Composite Crack Propagation and Growth
Paul Mather
Exergy analysis of a pyrometallurgical route to copper (Freeport-McMoRan)
Angel Pena
Development of Dual Emissivity Coatings for Hypersonic Flight
John Rotella
Verification of Grain Boundary Engineered Nickel-Based Superalloys