Stanciu’s efforts focus on understanding the biological-inorganic materials interactions, biosensors and biomaterials research, electron microscopy of neurologically relevant proteins, and materials processing under an electrical field application. 

Recent Publications (2010-2012)


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  3. Alexandra Snyder*, Zhenyu Bo*, Stephen Hodson, Timothy Fisher, Lia Stanciu; Effect of heating rate and composition on the properties of spark plasma sintered zirconium diborate based composites. Materials Science&Engineering A  (2012), 538, 98-102.
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  5.  Jeremy E. Scahffer*, Eric A. Nauman, Lia A. Stanciu; Cold-drawn bioabsorbable ferrous and ferrous composite wires:an evaluation of vascular cytocompatibility. Acta Biomaterialia (2012) S1742-7061(12)00363-7.
  6. Jin Shi, Hangyu Zhang*, Porterfield, Lia Stanciu; An Aqueous Media Based Approach for the Preparation of a Biosensor Platform Composed of Graphene Oxide and Pt-Black; Biosensors&Bioelectronics  (2012) 38(1), 314-320.
  7. Padalkar, S.; Schroeder, K.; Won, Y. H.; Jang, H. S.; Stanciu, L. Biotemplated silica and titania nanowires: synthesis, characterization and potential applications , Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2012), 12(1), 227-235.



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