Software Engineering 

This specialization is designed for IE students who have an interest in the design, implementation, or management of software systems. It is intended to prepare Industrial Engineering students with the tools necessary to become and/or effectively work with software engineers. Additional details about the program can be found here.

Students are encouraged to apply after the completion of their sophomore year. Students applying to the program must submit the application document and an updated resume to Dr. Brunese before being reviewed by the committee. If accepted, the student will be notified via email and the appropriate update will be made to the student's academic record indicating the pursuit of the specialization.

Supporting documents for enrolled students

1. Post-Internship Profile Form

2. Seminar Attendance Reflection Assignment

Reflection Assignment Details


The purpose of the seminar requirement is for each student to reflect on the breadth and depth of the field of software engineering. As such, the following requirements are expected to document attendance and participation in available seminars.

  • Notify Dr. Brunese of the seminar that you will attend, with any associated documentation of the seminar.
  • Submit a summary of the seminar.

The summary of the talk must consider the following:

  • The key elements of the talk as they relate to the field of software engineering. Particular emphasis should be placed on where the talk fits within the software development lifecycle.
  • The potential for the topic of the talk to contribute to the field of industrial engineering. Specifically, does the software (or model) developed have potential for impact in human-integrated systems in which IEs typically work, or could work.
There is no specific grading rubric for assessing the submitted summary. The assignment is primarily reflective and will be acceptable for completing the requirements of the specialization so long as the summary is well formatted and written.
The summary should be submitted to Dr. Brunese.