Curriculum and General Course Information


Every attempt is made to ensure these pages are accurate. However, the information herein is not official.  Any questions regarding requirements, policies, and procedures should be directed to the IE Undergraduate Program Office.


Curriculum Requirements

Curriculum requirements are based on the students' catalog term. A student can identify their catalog term either through myPurdue or myPurduePlan.

Purdue has online catalogs for current curricula information.

To view the most current curriculum map, please click here.


Planning your curriculum

Students are strongly encouraged to plan their entire academic program and to discuss long-term interests during advising meetings. The IE Plan of Study Planning Sheet (excel) can be used to map out your four-year plan to discuss with an IE Advisor.


Adding/Dropping Courses

Students can add and/or drop courses at various points throughout each semester.  Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an IE advisor before adding or dropping classes. Enrollment in a course after the deadline(s) is not guaranteed.  Instructors have the right to refuse entry to their course. If you are interested in distance learning courses, please speak with your academic advisor.

Withdraw "W" grades

A withdrawal grade (W, WF, or WN) does not technically have a negative effect on your academic standing at Purdue. They are not actual grades, so they cannot have an impact on your GPA. However, too many withdrawal grades can affect your financial aid status (policy). In addition, evidence of frequent withdrawal grades can reflect negatively in the eyes of employers and other evaluators of your academic record. Regardless of whether or not you retake and complete a course in which you previously earned a withdrawal grade, the withdrawal grade will remain in your academic record permanently.


Closed Courses

For IE courses

The School of Industrial Engineering utilizes the wait-listing function in myPurdue (when available) for nearly all IE courses. The only exceptions are lab courses (IE 33200, IE 38600, IE 43100, and IE 47000). 

For courses that utilize the university wait-listing function you will need to add yourself to the waitlist via myPurdue. Detailed instructions for adding yourself to the waitlist are included in myPurdue on the Help/Navigation tab.

Do not contact the course instructor regarding entry into a full course. They are not able to add additional space due to room capacities.  Questions can be directed to the IE Undergraduate Office.

For courses that do not utilize the waitlist function, a manual waitlist is maintained by the IE undergraduate advising office. Please contact an IE Advisor to request addition. To request a class, the student must provide the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Expected graduation
  3. Course # and CRN for the lecture
  4. CRNs for the lab sections (if applicable) and the order of preference and feasibility of each.

Just because your name is added to the internal waitlist does not guarantee a space will be allotted to you. Student should keep checking myPurdue and Scheduling Assistant for space during the active open registration periods to obtain a seat. 

If an override is to be provided, students will be notified by the IE Undergraduate Office.

For Non-IE courses

Every Purdue department has a designated Schedule Deputy. The Schedule Deputy is in charge of handling scheduling and has sole authority regarding overrides for closed classes.  Consult the Office of the Registrar Overrides page and/or the Override Contact Guide for a list of Schedule Deputies. The Schedule Deputy will either approve, deny, or give further instructions regarding the completion of an override request.

Cross-Listed Classes

The IE department has a few graduate level classes that are cross-listed with another department at the university.  These include:

  • IE 53000 (STAT 51300)
  • IE 55600 (PSY 55600)
  • IE 56100 (AAE 56100)
  • IE 57700 (PSY 57700)

When reviewing space for cross-listed classes, you need to look at the “XL Capacity” column in the myPurdue catalog.  This will tell you the actual enrollment in a course across all cross-listed sections.

For wait listing information in a cross-listed class, see the information above.


Repeating Courses

Repeating a course to improve your GPA is not generally advisable. If you feel as if your grade does not reflect your true ability, doing well in a higher-level course will likely impress prospective employers or graduate schools more than just repeating a class you have already passed with a C. If you sincerely believe that you have not mastered the material, as is likely the case if you received a D or lower, then repeating the class is a wise choice (but not necessarily required. See "Minimum Passing Grades for BSIE” for more information). If you have failed a required course or did not receive the minimum grade required, you must repeat it.

Repeating Course Considerations

1. Registering for a course previously taken.

For a course that a student would like to retake, requests can be made during the registration period through Scheduling Assistant/Unitime or myPurdue.  Students will want to pay attention to departmental policies for retaking coursework.

Students have three (3) attempts/enrollments to pass a course successfully.  Withdrawals are included in the three-attempt limit. When repeating a course, all attempts appear on a student’s transcript.

If additional attempts are necessary for a student in a course required for the BSIE, a 4th attempt appeal can be submitted.  Please contact an IE Academic Advisor for more information about this process. Note: 4th attempt appeals are not guaranteed approval.  In the case an appeal is denied, alternative options may be required to satisfy degree requirements.

2. Impact on GPA

When a student retakes a course, the last grade earned for the course is recorded in the cumulative GPA. This may or may not be the best grade.

3. Impact on expected graduation

Repeating courses, either due to failure or to improve your GPA, can impact your expected graduation timeline.  Questions about this can be discussed with an IE Advisor.


Minimum Passing Grades for BSIE

The minimum passing grade for any and all required IE subject courses is a D-. 

In addition to passing all required coursework for the BSIE, students must also achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for the degree.

Non-IE required course minimum passing grades for the BSIE degree are as follows:

C-  D-
CHM 11500 ECE 20001
MA 16100/16500 MA 26500
MA 16200/16600 MA 26600
MA 26100 ME 20000
PHYS 17200 ME 27000
*See Notes Below NUCL 27300

  • All GE classes that meet a Foundational Learning Outcome as listed on the Provost Website: C-
  • Any courses related to a minor or certificate may have different minimum grade requirements than those listed above


Pass/No Pass Policy

All courses taken as part of your IE degree requirements must be taken for a letter grade. This includes IE core classes, Technical Elective courses, and General Education Electives. 

Only courses considered “extra” that are not part of the engineering degree requirements can be taken as Pass/No pass. Permission may be required from your advisor and the department sponsoring the course.

Students who are repeating a course must repeat it using the same grade mode as the original attempt. The COVID-19 semester (Spring 2020) is an exception. Courses taken P/NP this semester will be repeated for a letter grade.

Another exception to IE’s P/NP policy is for study abroad semester exchange programs.  All coursework for semester exchange is to be taken in the Pass/No Pass grade mode unless a course is being used for a Purdue minor.  Minor classes should be taken for a letter grade and must meet the Purdue grade standard to satisfy minor requirements.

To view the deadlines for when the grade mode of a course can be modified, please refer to the add/drop/modify calendars from the Office of the Registrar.


Transfer Credit for Current Students

Students should become familiar with Purdue's Transfer Credit Database and Transfer Criteria.

Courses listed in the transfer credit database as undistributed (i.e. MA 2XXXX) indicate that there was no direct equivalent found at Purdue. In such cases, undistributed credit will not be accepted toward any BSIE requirements.  

Students who are considering taking courses at another institution with the intention of using the credit toward their Purdue IE degree should first consult their academic advisor to ensure that their planned courses will count toward degree requirements.  All IE subject classes are not eligible for transfer credit and must be taken at Purdue's West Lafayette campus.