Registration: Advising Process

Each semester, IE students are required to meet with an academic advisor for planning the upcoming term.

Advising Process

1. Schedule Appointment

Approximately in the fourth week of the semester, Industrial Engineering students will receive an email from the IE Academic Advising Office with an individualized link and instructions for registration appointment scheduling through BoilerConnect. Students should read this email carefully to understand the expectations, registration process, and pre-meeting requirements.

2. Take IE Registration Survey

The email will include a link to the IE Registration Survey they must complete prior to their registration advising appointment. Students who do not complete the pre-meeting requirements communicated in the registration email may have their appointment cancelled at the advisor’s discretion.

3. Advising Appointment

During the registration appointment, the student and advisor will discuss plans for the upcoming semester (e.g. courses, co-op, study abroad, etc.), discuss the student's current semester progress, update the student's plan of study (POS), and explain how the student can submit their course requests. Typically, registration appointments last between 15-30 minutes.

4. Post-Meeting Follow-up

Following the registration meeting, the advisor will email the student any post-meeting instructions, a copy of their updated Plan of Study, and Registration PIN. A “Note” will also be saved in the student’s BoilerConnect profile with this information.

Note: Students are given ample time to make an appointment prior to their registration start date. Therefore, student's attempting to be advised prior to their appointment will be asked to leave and return during the appropriate period.


Other advising period advice/considerations

We understand that learning to navigate and understand your plan of study can be challenging; however, it is the student’s responsibility to understand their degree requirements. To help, please utilize the following documents and links for additional information.

Students Who Miss a Registration Appointment

If a student misses their scheduled registration appointment, or cancels their appointment without prior communication to an IE advisor, the appointment will be marked as a “No Show.” A new appointment can be scheduled using the link in the original registration email. 

If a student “no shows” or cancels a second appointment, they will be required to wait until open registration begins before receiving a third appointment to see an IE advisor. This is to maximize the number of students advisors may see before registration. The volume of students to be seen does not allow for each student to have multiple appointments.

Advisors will not see students for registration during Drop-In Undergraduate Advising office hours.

Note: Students are given ample time to make an appointment prior to the Course Request Form final submission date. The advisors will not make exceptions or open up additional availability to students who fail to make appointments. 


Information about Registration Holds

Students must immediately act on any holds on their account before submitting their course requests through Scheduling Assistant or Unitime. More information about holds, and how to remove them, can be located on the Office of the Registrar webpage.

The advisors cannot remove or override holds. It is the student’s responsibility to clear all holds.


Apply to Graduate

For those expecting to graduate at the completion of the next semester, you must apply to graduate before registering for your final semester of study. 

The link to "Apply to Graduate" link can be found through the “Destination Graduate” block of your myPurdue portal. If you need assistance, email Commencement for assistance.

If you are unsure if you will graduate at the end of the semester ahead but it is possible, please apply to graduate. You can contact an IE advisor with any questions about your expected graduation.  You can be removed from this status if your plans change, however applying later in the semester is not possible.

Please complete this process before your registration appointment. This is a crucial step in the graduation process. Failing to Apply to Graduate will result in you not graduating.


Registration Errors and Overrides

If while submitting your course requests you encounter a registration error, please contact the advisor you met with for your registration appointment.

Additional information about overrides is here


Entering Transfer Students

Please contact Morgan Kuryla, Senior Academic Advisor, within the IE Undergraduate Office to have all transfer credits reviewed before registration. Once transfer credits application to the BSIE degree have been determined, the student should submit a PCF (Prospective Course Form) and schedule an advising appointment. In this appointment, expect to review schedule recommendations and receive a Registration PIN number. Detailed instructions are available for for using myPurdue and Scheduling Assistant for registration.