Researchers Advising Professor(s) Research Subject
Agarwal, Ankit Gonzalez, Marcial Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of Enerpetic and Mock-Enerpelic Materials
Akash, Kumar Jain, Neera/Reid, Tahira Reimagining Human-Machine Interactions Through Trust-Based Feedback
Allen, Cody Shaver, Greg Harnessing Connectivity to Improve Efficiency of Class 8 Trucks
An, Ze Cappelleri, David AgBug: Mobile Robot for Precision Agriculture
Ashta, Shubham Shaver, Greg NEXTCar
Bajaj, Nikhil (Post Doc) Rhoads, Jeff Oscillator Array Based Sensing
Barta, Riley Groll, Eckhard Cascade Transcritical Cabon Dioxide Refrigeration Cycle Utilizing a Two-Phase Ejector
Barta, Riley Groll, Eckhard Viper Expander Applied in R410A Residential Heat Pump
Bird, Trevor Jain, Neera Dynamic Modeling, Control, and optimization of Micro-CHP Systems
Black, Brady Shaver, Greg Harnessing Connectivity to Improve Efficiency of Class 8 Trucks
Boston, Matt Arrieta, Andres Demonstrator for Selectively Compliant Morphing Systems with Multi-Stable Structures
Brendel, Leon Groll, Eckhard/Braun, Jim Vapor Compression Refrigeration for Cold Storage on Spacecrafts
Browne, Rian Jain, Neera/Chiu, George Iterative Learning Control for Twin Roll Strip Casting
Carr, Daniel Davies, Patricia Effects of Time-Varying Wind Conditions on Perception of Wind Noise in Vehicles
Cheng, Li Horton, Travis/Braun, Jim Load-based Testing to Characterize the Performance of Variable-Speed Equipment
Choi (Brad), Jongseong Dyke, Shirley Autonomous Image Localization for Visual Assessment
Choi, Won Hong Bolton, Stuart Structure Borne Tire Noise Model
Chowdhury, Arindam  Cappelleri, David Automatic Image Segmentation for Deep-Learning
Chowdhury, Arindam Cappelleri, David Autonomous Aerial Manipulation with UAVs
Coleman, Nadia Cappelleri, David/Sundaram, Shreyas Robotic Swarm Control
Cummock, Nick Rhoads, Jeff/Son, Steve Shock Sensitivity of Explosives in Response to Dynamic Insult
Deng, Zhipeng (Steven) Chen, Yan Impact of Occupants' Behavior on Office Energy Use
Desai, Akash Shaver, Greg High Efficiency Control System for Connected and Automated Class 8 Trucks
Dhamankar, Shveta Shaver, Greg Autonomous Systems Development Tools for Agricultural Machines
Dhillon, Parveen Braun, Jim/Horton, Travis Load-based Testing to Characterize the Performance of Variable-Speed Equipment
Ding, Wei Semperlotti, Fabio Fractional Homogenization Theory
Emegoakor, Chisom Shaver, Greg On-Board Diagnostics for Advance, Ultra-Low NOx Diesel Engine/Aftertreatment Systems
Feng, Jianxiong Li, Kai Ming Numerical Integration Techniques for Outdoor Sound Prediction
Fleck, Trevor Rhoads, Jeff 3D Printing of Energetic Structural Materials
Foster, John Shaver, Greg Improving Efficiency of Commercial Vehicle Engine via Valvetrain Flexibility
Ganne, Rajakumar Meckl, Peter Control of UREA Dosing in SCR System
Ganti, Sai Sanjit Semperlotti, Fabio Topological Acoustics
Gohil, Karan Nitinkumar Jain, Neera Modeling and Control of Advanced Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Modules
Grantz, Christian Arrieta, Andres Mechanically Dissipating Targeted Vibrational Modes Within Turbomachinery
Guerrero de la Peña, Ana Jain, Neera/Shaver, Greg/DeLaurentis, Dan Powering What's Next in Freight Transportation
Ham, Sang Woo Karava, Panagiota Identifying Peer Groups in a Multifamily Residential Building for Eco-Feedback Design
Han, Dong Groll, Eckhard Optimizing Heat Pump Performance
Hao, Haitian Semperlotti, Fabio/Scalo, Carlo Traveling Thermoacoustic Waves in Solids
Hao, Kairui Kim, Donghun Development of Model Predictive Control for a Grid-Integrated PV and Battery System
He, Dazhuang Chen, Jun Aero Acoustic Noise Prediction of Axial Fans
Hollkamp, John Semperlotti, Fabio Fractional Calculus Homogenization Model
Hou, Xiaodong Braun, Jim CPS:  Synergy:  Plug-and Plug Cyber-Physical Systems to Enable Buildings
Hwang, Myungwon Arrieta, Andres Input-Independent Wave Propagation in Bi-Stable Lattices with Elastic Interactions
Ibitayo, Ifeoluwa Shaver, Greg Harnessing Connectivity to Improve Efficiency of Class 8 Trucks
Jain, Kaushal K. Meckl, Peter Development of Urea-SCR Dosing Control Strategies for a Diesel Electric Hybrid Car
Jana, Aniruddha Shaver, Greg HEV Project w/Cummins
Jathar, Krutartha Bolton, Stuart Tire Noise Measurements
Jiang, Jinglin Boor, Brandon Investigating How Energy Use Patterns Shape Indoor Nanoaerosol Dynamics in a Net-Zero Energy House
Joffe, Jill Rhoads, Jeff Acoustics-Based IED Detection and Defeat
Jokar, Mehdi Semperlotti, Fabio Holographic Damage Detection
Joodaky, Amin Gibert, James Measurement Unit Load Stability Transportation Hazards
Joshi, Mrunal C. Shaver, Greg Variable Valve Actuation for Improved Diesel Engine System Efficiency
Kim, Huijeong Karava, Panagiota Eco-Feedback and Incentive Mechanism Design for Multi-Residential Building
Kim, Michael Tzempelikos, Thanos Integrated Occupant Comfort in Commercial Buildings
Koranne, Vishvesh Gibert, James Dynamics of Mass Spring Networks
Krane, Patrick Jain, Neera/Marconnet, Amy Metal Hydride Energy Storage
Kuo, Ting-Chun Karava, Panagiota User Interactive Smart Systems
Kwarteng, Vanessa Bilionis, Ilias/Karava, Panagiota Sociotechnical Modeling for Smart and Connected Communities
Law, Che Kun Cappelleri, David AgBug: Mobile Robot for Precision Agriculture
Lee, Dong Eun Shaver, Greg/Qiao, Li Aranco Jet Ignition Research
Lee, Kyeongsuk Karava, Panagiota Cyber-Innovation for Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES)   
Lee, Seungjae Tzempelikos, Thanos/Karava, Panagiota/Bilionis, Ilias Demonstration of a Self-Tuned HVAC System
Lenjani, Ali Dyke, Shirley/Bilionis, Illias Detecting the Identifiable Characteristics of the Buildings for Automated Post-Event Reconnaissance
Lepak, Wesaam Davies, Patricia/Bolton, Stuart Modeling and Evaluation of HVAC&R Equipment Noise
Li, Ang Chen, Jun/Bolton, Stuart/Davies, Patricia/Liu, Yangfan Aerodynamic Analysis of a Bladeless Fan
Li, Ruoyi Yao, Bin intelligent & High-Performance Control of Industrial Robots
Li, Xuan Chen, Yan Artificial Intelligence for Building Control
Liu, Haotian Groll, Eckhard/Weibel, Justin Adhesive Bonding in HVAC&R Applications
Liu, Jiawei Bolton, Stuart/Liu, Yangfan Application of Acoustic Radiation Mode
Liu, Ting-Wei Semperlotti, Fabio Design and Testing of Topological Acoustic Metamaterials
Liu, Xiaoqi (Claire) Karava, Panagiota Uncertainty Impact on Predictive Control  of Buildings
Liu, Xiaoyu Dyke, Shirley Automated Image Localization for Post-Event Building Assessment
Liu, Ziping Shaver, Greg Autonomous Systems Development Tools
Lu, Zechao Chen, Yan/Chen, Jun Innovative Design of Kitchen Range Hood
Lumpkin, Domenique Horton, Travis/Sinfield, Joseph Framework to Enable Impact-Based Innovation for Smart, Sustainable Buildings
Lyle, Dennis Gibert, James Mechanical Analysis of UAM
Ma, Jiacheng Braun, Jim Dynamic Modeling of Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
Ma, Jie Horton, Travis Separate Sensible and Latent Cooling Systems for Residential and Light Commercial Buildings
McArthur, Daniel Cappelleri, David Automatic Image Segmentation for Deep-Learning
McArthur, Daniel Cappelleri, David Autonomous Aerial Manipulation with UAVs
McConnell, Miranda Rhoads, Jeff Additively Manufactured Conductive Polymer Spark Gap Igniters
Meng, Ling Wei Arrieta, Andres Load-based Testing of Variable-Speed Heat Pumps
Miers, Collier Gibert, James PCM:  Optimizing Material Properties:  Enthalpy and Thermal Conductivity
Mina, Tamzidul Yao, Bin Dynamics and Controls of Mobile Robots
Mo, Zhuang Bolton, Stuart Four-Microphone Measurement of Transmission Loss of Automotive Door Seals; Improved Correction Factor
Morris, Jacob Rhoads, Jeff AFRL-Thermomechanical Response of Mock Energetic Materials
Murray, Allison Rhoads, Jeff Oscillator Array Based Sensing
Nair, Siddharth Semperlotti, Fabio Acoustic Resonators
Nash, Austin Jain, Neera Combined Plant and Control Design for Thermal Management Systems
Ore, Jonathan Paul Groll, Eckhard The DC Micro-Grid House
Patnaik, Sansit Semperlotti, Fabio Fractional Calculus for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
Patra, Adarsh Rhoads, Jeff Secure MEMS
Pyles, Conor Rhoads, Jeff Dynamics of an Array of Coupled, Mistuned Crystal Resonators
Qiu, Weijin Shaver, Greg Natural Gas Engine Controls
Radkar, Vaishnavi Meyer, Terrence/Shaver, Greg In-Cylinder Engine Sensor
Ramaraj, Sugi Braun, Jim/Horton, Travis Free Cooling Technologies
Range, Allison Rose Rhoads, Jeff Thermomechanical Behavior of Explosives at High Frequency
Rayasam, Sree Harsha Shaver, Greg Natural Gas Engine Controls
Riley, Katherine Arrieta, Andres Switchable Bistability in 3D Printed Shells
Rivas, Jose Arrieta, Andres Selective Compliance for Morphing Structures
Rohleder, Cai Groll, Eckhard Gas Pulsation Measurements in Positive Displacement Compressors
Rojas, Salvador Arrieta, Andres Soft Robotics from Compliant Multistable Structures
Saha, Tridib Shaver, Greg Cummins-Design/Control of Advance Hybrid Power Train
Salts, Nick Groll, Eckhard DC Micro-Grid House
Salts, Nick Groll, Eckhard Inverter Drive Control for Fixed Speed Heat Pumps
Schuster, Dan Horton, Travis Campus Sustainability
Shah, Vatsal Groll, Eckhard/Braun, Jim/Horton, Travis Oil Management in Tandem Compressors of Transport Refrigeration Units
Shah, Vatsal  Groll, Eckhard/Braun, Jim Oil Return and Retention in Unitary Split System Gas Lines
Shang, Weixiao Chen, Jun PIV Testing of a Residential Gas Furnace
Shelly, Tyler Groll, Eckhard/Weibel, Justin Integrated Electric Vehicle Battery Thermal Managment
Shi, Tongyang Bolton, Stuart Sound Source Identification with Compressive Sensing Method
Shi, Zhu Chen, Yan Thermal Comfort in a Room with Displacement Ventilation and Chilled Beams
Shin, Hyun Jun Bolton, Stuart Weight Minimization of Automotive Sound Packages in the Presence of Air Leaks
Siefker, Zac Rhoads, Jeff/Braun, Jim Co2 Sensors for Buildings
Siripurapu, Praveen Groll, Eckhard/Xu, Xianfan Oil Return and Retention in Unitary Split System Gas Lines with HFC Refrigerants
Song, Guochenhao Liu, Kai Ming/Davies, Patricia Annoyance Thresholds of Tones in Noise as Related to Building Services
Sun, Mingyu Meckl, Peter Supervisory Control of a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle
Sung, Weonchan Davies, Patricia/Bolton, Stuart Sound Quality Evaluation of Residential HVAC&R Equipment
Tao, Hongcheng Gibert, James Multiscale Modelling of Triboelectric Energy Harvesters
Thakkar, Aman Arrieta, Andres Energy Harvesting in Phase Transforming Cellular Materials (PXCM)
Thomas, Josiah Chiu, George Bandwidth Limited Control Systems
Thor, Weimin Bolton, Stuart Four-Microphone Measurement of Transmission Loss of Automotive Door Seals: Improved Correction Factor
Udani, Janav Parag Arrieta, Andres Dynamic Design of Bi-stable Oscillators with Synchronized Switching
Vos, Kalen Shaver, Greg Harnessing Connectivity to Improve Efficiency of Class 8 Trucks
Vos, Kalen  Shaver, Greg Diesel Engine Low-Load Fuel-Efficient Emissions Control
Wagner, Danielle Boor, Brandon Dynamics of Fine and Ultrafine Particulate Matter in Biomass Burning Kitchens in Western Kenya
Walls, Marlon Rhoads, Jeff Additive Manufacturing of Energetic Materials
Wang, Jie Chiu, George Control of Roll-to-Roll Printing Processes
Wang, Xuchen Bolton, Stuart/Liu, Yangfan Treatment of Enhancement Problem in Active Noise Control
Wang, Yiming Li, Kai Ming Doppler's Shift on Aircraft Noise Prediction
Wickham, Jason Son, Steve/Rhoads, Jeff The Role of Adhesion in Hotspot Generation for Composite Energetic Materials due to Ultrasonic Excitation
Wu, Feng Qu, Ming Cyber-Security System for Buildings
Wu, Puyuan Chen, Jun PIV Testing of a Residential Gas Furnace
Wu, Tianren Boor, Brandon Urban Atmospheric Aerosol Size Distributions: A Global Perspective
Wu, Tianren Boor, Brandon Characterization of a Thermal Flame Generator for HVAC Filter Loading Experiments: Impact of Operating Conditions on Sub-Micron Aerosol Size Distributions
Xiao, Yingying Braun, Jim CPS:  Synergy:  Plug-and-Plug Cyber-Physical systems to enable buildings
Xiong, Jie Tzempelikos, Thanos Living Labs Experimentation
Xu, Xueyang Groll, Eckhard R245fa High-Temperature Waste Heat Recovery Organic Rankine Cycle
Xue, Yutong Bolton, Stuart Multi-Functional Acoustic/Damping Materials
Zhang, Hejia Tzempelikos, Thanos Intelligent Thermal Systems for Buildings
Zhang, Xinye Groll, Eckhard An Experimental and Numerical Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Linear Compressors
Zhang, Xinye Groll, Eckhard Development of General Purpose Simulation Tools for Positive Displacement Compressors
Zhang, Xu (Sharon) Shaver, Greg Control Analysis for High BMEP Gasoline Engines
Zhuang, Yongjie Li, Kai Ming Active Noise Control