Acoustics, Noise, and Vibration Research Area

Tire accoustics apparatus
Apparatus designed specifically for testing tire noise on pavement

Building a tool to test accoustics and reflectiveness
A reflective room measures the noise given off by car parts

Everyone needs some peace and quiet.

Researchers at Herrick study how everyday things make noise -- cars, computer fans, industrial equipment, building ventilation, etc.  Precise measurements allow for experiments in reducing unwanted noise, making life more pleasant for everyone.  These facilities include:  

  • Fully anechoic room (12' x 12' x 12')
  • Reverberation room (25' x 20' x 18')
  • Hemi anechoic room (41' x 27' x 18')
  • Audiometric room for sound quality testing (8' x 8')
  • Acoustical materials laboratory with several types of impedance tubes
  • Tire pavement test apparatus (TPTA) for measuring tire noise on realistic pavements at speeds up to 50 km/h
  • Two-wheel chassis dynamometer with 67 inch rollers
  • Anechoic wind tunnel with 18 by 24 inch test section and flow velocity up 120 mph
  • 64-microphone acoustical holography array and 90 channel data acquisition system
  • Various microphones, accelerometers, shakers, a laser vibrometer, high speed camera



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