The Materials Management and Distribution Center handles all shipments from campus. Information about this process is available on their website:
Once you have completed the relevant FORM-23 from their website, place fully packaged shipment with a copy of the form in the reception area to be mailed.
  • Packages received at Herrick are placed in the secured cage at the reception desk.  
  • You will be emailed when you receive a package.
  • You must pick it up your package within THREE BUSINESS DAYS of email notification. 
  • Packages may be picked up from 8:30 – 4:30 M-F. If there is no one at the reception area, please come to administrative area on 2nd floor for assistance. 
  • After package pickup, submit the packing slip included in the shipment to
    • This can be done easily via smartphone or the copier on the 2nd floor of Herrick Labs.
      • Scanning in the packing slips is required by procurement and part of the process for paying the supplier. 
For questions on Shipping and Receiving, please email Herrick Labs at