High-Bay Flexible Lab and Small-Scale Vibrations Lab

High-Bay experiment in progress
The High-Bay accommodates experiments large and small

When you need some elbow room.

The massive space of the High-Bay Flexible Lab allows for experiments on a grand scale.  Most of the work done here focuses on electromechanical and vibrations research.  The High-Bay features:

  • An open 36' by 87' high-bay area with easy access in/out
  • Tall ceilings can accommodate building components, vehicle suspension systems, wind turbine blades, vehicles, and aircraft/space structures
  • Segmented floors for vibration isolation between experiments
  • Large shakers, such as a 35 kN TIRA electrodynamic shaker that can be used to reproduce vibration profiles
  • In-built hydraulic power supplies for hydraulic shakers
  • Adjacent small-scale laboratory for dynamic testing of materials and small structures, to investigate nonlinear dynamic behavior and to identify structural and material parameters

If you've got an experiment that needs some elbow room, we've got space in the High-Bay.

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