Herrick Student Resource Committee

The Herrick Laboratories Student Resource Committee is a student run committee that provides Herrick students, faculty, and staff with opportunities for personal and professional growth. This growth is intended to extend beyond student research, and further the sense of community throughout Herrick Laboratories. Often, this goal is accomplished by hosting events open to all lab students, faculty, and staff. Specific examples are the spring and fall barbecues, an annual holiday food drive, and seminars from members of the Herrick Industrial Advisory Committee. These events can help connect students with fellow lab mates (that may not be in their research group), meet with and learn from faculty (that aren't necessarily in their research area), and interact with industry leaders (that can lead to not only valuable lessons, but also possible job offers). In short, we aim to enhance the opportunities inherently provided by a world-class research facility and make these benefits more easily attainable to the students.
To help us achieve these goals effectively, we do our best to ensure our committee is made up of a diverse demographic and has representation from each research team. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Reynolds Manion (manion0@purdue.edu), or any of the current committee members.
HSRC Members:
Reynolds Manion: President
Danial Soto-Martinez: Vice President
Abd Alhrman Bani Issa: Treasurer
Junyoung Kim: IAC Chair
Marie Shelly: IAC Chair
Andreas Hoess: Seminar Chair
Aishwarya Ponkshe: Social Chair