Welcome Back!

Hello! We're so glad to be back! Check out the links to see all the exciting study abroad opportunities available to you. Read my story about saying hello to someone and where that led. Share your story with us!

"A Simple Hello Could Lead to a Million Things. " – Unknown

Welcome back!!



We are thrilled to be back in the office and so very glad to have YOU back on campus!!

In case you are new to campus, we are Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships.  One of our services is to provide study abroad opportunities to engineering students.  We have:

  • STEP Programs – Short-term Engineering Programs.  Faculty-led study abroad, usually 1 to 6 weeks in length during spring break, Maymester, or summer.
  • LEAP Programs – Long-term Engineering Abroad Programs.  These programs include semester-long study abroad opportunities.
  • SURGE Programs – Summer Undergraduate Research in Global Engineering – Work in an international research lab in Latin America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

All of our programs offer credits and can easily fit into your 4-year academic career.  Keep checking the above links for additional opportunities or updates to our traveling abilities.

This year, let’s step out of our comfort zones and say hello to each other.  You’ll never know if it can lead to new friendships or rekindle old ones.  In 2019, I said hello to someone at my 35th high school reunion.  I’ve known him since I was seven, and he’s super intelligent (Purdue Engineering Alum) but always felt like a judgmental, moral compass to me.  When I saw him, I thought, “Great! I’m not going to have any fun tonight!”  But, I said hello, we talked, and now we are pen-pals, who write to each other monthly.  I’m glad I didn’t let my thoughts keep me from saying hello or from saying “I don’t want to wait five more years to talk to you!”

Tell us how saying “hello” has opened up new friendships or opportunities for you.  Share your stories at rhaan@purdue.edu, and we’ll include them on our social media page.

Have a great semester!  Stop by our office to say hello – (WANG Hall, 4500)!



Written by: Rhonda Haan

Photo by Kevin Butz on Unsplash