One Small Voice

A GEP2 Blog
September 22, 2020

Taking the IDI

If you're getting ready to take the IDI, or have taken it, this blog can help explain a few things. Also, I share a story of how it could have helped me 30 years ago.
September 7, 2020

Week Two

You've now finished week two; how are you doing? Feeling like throwing in the towel? That's okay. That's normal. Read on to find out that week 2 (or day 2, or month 2) is the most important part of your journey. You've got this and we're all going through it together!!
August 31, 2020

Engineering is magic

Welcome to my blog! I work in GEPP (Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships) at Purdue University. I get to do so many cool things with engineering, that I HAD to start a blog so I could talk about it all. Enjoy!
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