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Engineering and Public Health in the Service Sector - Spring Break trip 2015

Group photo at Rome
Students from the Colleges of Engineering, Health and Human Sciences, Pharmacy, and Technology spent Spring Break 2015 studying Engineering and Public Health in the Service Sector with engineering students from La Sapienza in Rome, Italy.

Drs. Sara McComb (Nursing/Industrial Engineering), Pat Brunese (Industrial Engineering), and Vicki Simpson (Nursing) collaborate with Professor Lorenzo Fedele from La Sapienza to deliver the course.  Through this study abroad experience, students learn how the pioneering advances made by Ancient Romans in both public health and engineering are still relevant today.  Learning is enhanced by combining classroom sessions focused on topics including systems perspectives, process flow, reliability, public health, and maintenance management with a mix of cultural and academic tours at venues including the Colosseum, Ostia Antica, Vatican City, Policlinico Umberto I, and ATAC. During the first classroom session, students were assigned into teams that are comprised of students from different disciplines and from both Purdue and La Sapienza.  Throughout the week, the teams interact through in-class activities and by preparing a presentation showcasing how the material learned in the classroom applies to the various venues visited that the team presents on the final day of the program.  Great friendships were made and many more lessons were learned as the Sapienza and Purdue students shared their cultures in the beautiful Eternal City!