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Purdue University GEARE Program in Mexico

The Purdue GEARE program is the most comprehensive global engineering training program in the U.S. Through GEARE, Purdue Engineering students enhance their ability in a foreign language, study abroad, complete global design team projects, improve their intercultural competency through focused seminar courses, and gain work experience through domestic and global work experiences.

In 2018, GEARE students completed study and work experiences in Brazil, China, Colombia, Cost Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Upon graduation, 99% of GEARE students find employment or acceptance in a graduate program in their field of interest. Many GEARE students find work opportunities abroad or with companies looking to provide them with international assignments. The average starting salary for GEARE alums is approximately $8,000 higher than the average salary reported for their engineering discipline.

In 2018, Lucas Smith completed his study abroad and global work experience in Mexico. He studied at Tec de Monterrey in Querétaro, Mexico and worked with CIDESI, a research lab affiliated with Tec de Monterrey providing consulting services for companies across the globe. In regards to his work experience Lucas said, "I was super nervous about acquiring an internship in a different country and in a different language with the minimal experience that I have.  Long story short, I am literally doing rocket science at CIDESI in Querétaro, México.  I have been learning how to move and program robots, design experiments, and perform crucial analysis for a very important project.  The staff and students of CIDESI have been incredibly friendly, patient with my gringo-Spanish, and have embraced me in their family." In regards to his overall experience, Lucas said, "I will never forget the reactions I received when I informed friends and family of my plans to study and work in Mexico.  Despite what they may have thought, my time abroad has been incredibly enjoyable due to the friendly culture of Mexico.  Immersing in the culture, diving into delicious street food, engaging in intense Spanish conversations, and travelling all around the country are some of the highlights of my experience.  For sure, I will return to Mexico in the future."