Overuse of Hospital

Region: New York, The Bronx

The Challenge

The goal is to develop a digital health platform that relays self-reported data from clients in the community-based care support program to the paramedics. Clients of this program suffer from chronic conditions and struggle to manage health independently, thus having a high risk of hospital readmission. This data will help Empress identify clients who need intervention before visiting an emergency room or being readmitted to the hospital. On the care provider side, a staffing dashboard will be developed for our partner to better prioritize which patients to be seen and better manage their staff for daily operations.

The Purdue Innovation

This project won a Shah Lab Seed Grant in 2021 and is in progress.

The Partners:

Purdue University:

  • Nan Kong, Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering, Faculty Leadership Team Member, Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering
  • Nichole Adams, Clincial Assistant Professor, RN, CEN


  • Hanan Cohen, Empress Mobile Integrated Health
  • Richard Straub, Empress Mobile Integrated Health