GirlEngage Program

Region: Zimbabwe

The Challenge

The immediate goals are to build a water recycling system at the two girls' schools in Zimbabwe and to promote the girls' learning through the participatory engineering design process in the Localized Engineering in Displacement Curriculum.  The long-term goals include building a productive partnership between Purdue and Plan as well as laying the groundwork for long-term sustainable leadership by the girls who learn through the curriculum to expand the impact of their expertise to other schools in the area.  The elements of this project are built on the earlier work by DeBoer that was funded by the Shah Lab.

The Purdue Innovation

This project is on extension due to COVID-19.

The Partners:

Purdue University:

  • Jennifer DeBoer, Assistant Professor of Engineering Education, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering (by Courtesy)
  • Dhinesh Radhakrishnan, Engineering Education Consultant


  • Molly Fitzgerald, Plan USA