Natalie Johnson, ME student talks about China

Natalie Johnson talks about her visit to Shanghai, Ningbo, Harbin, and Beijing in China with the 'Introduction to Intercultural Teamwork in China' program!

  I recently traveled to several locations in China including Shanghai, Ningbo, Harbin, and Beijing with the program, ‘Introduction to Intercultural Teamwork in China’ led by Dr. Dianne Atkinson.  Prior to attending the China Maymester, I had hopes it would strengthen and reinforce my knowledge of intercultural teamwork. However, the trip did so much more than this. It completely exceeded my expectations. It provided me with extensive knowledge that I will use not only throughout the rest of my college career but throughout my professional career as well.

     After graduating from Purdue with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I plan on continuing my education by studying patent law. Intercultural communication and teamwork is something that law school textbooks cannot prepare you for, rather it is the first hand experiences which are key. This is exactly what the China program provided me with. During the program, I had the privilege to spend two full weeks in China which included traveling to two Chinese universities. At the universities, I was matched with Chinese partners. The one-on-one interactions that I had with my Chinese partners, and with other Chinese students, provided me with insight into Chinese culture and ideals.

    My performance on assignments and in the workplace has greatly been enhanced because of the intercultural depth I now possess as a result of my study abroad in China.