Project Delivery

Delivery ChecklistWaiver, Release, and Hold Harmless Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Ready to deliver your project? There is a very specific EPICS delivery process, with a checklist, described here. You will need to present to reviewers outside the team around the time of delivery to provide feedback on whether the project really is ready for delivery into the community. 

Key Delivery-Semester Milestones

Week 12: Complete in-house risk analysis and testing.


Week 12: Do any associated Project Partner notification and arrangements, site preparation, and training.



Week 13: Follow and complete the top part of the EPICS Delivery Checklist.


Week 14: Physically deliver the product or service. Must not be done prior to completing the Checklist.



Week 14: Complete of the bottom part of the Delivery Checklist, which includes:

Checking with the customer to see if your product or service is still satisfactory.

Giving your Project Partner a copy of the Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.