September 1, 2023

EEE Main Office in POTR 364: Hours of Operation

The EEE main office is located in POTR 364. Office hours are currently: M-F 8am-4pm. Unscheduled “drop-ins” are discouraged. Instead, make an appointment with your EEE advisor, either Tammi Thayer or Kennedy Hall, via BoilerConnect. For other staff or faculty, reach out direct via email to arrange an appointment.

POTR Building: Hours of Operation

POTR building hours of operation are 6:00am; 11pm, 7 days a week.

If doors are locked during these posted times, contact the Purdue Police non-emergency number at 49-48221.

EEE Computer Lab in POTR 360

The EEE Computer Lab is available for all EEE students and is located in POTR 360; next door to the main EEE office. See attached agreement for student conduct and use protocols.  

**Key Pad Entry Code – 389426** which corresponds to FU ZHAO for Prof. Fu Zhao.  Prof. Zhao instructs EEE 530 in fall semester, and rotates teaching EEE 360 in spring.

EEE maintains this computer center for academic & social activities. Its use is a privilege reserved for EEE students and those enrolled in EEE courses to work, study, and access dedicated EEE computers. There are 12 desktop computers with internet access and a printer/scanner. The room contains additional tables, chairs, and whiteboards.

Hand sanitizer has been placed by each computer station.

In general, be respectful to others and the property. Always log off of computers before leaving the room. Do not lock a computer for later use. Do not move or alter any of the computer systems.

If you wish to place items on the wall, ask in the EEE Office for appropriate tacky putty. (No tape or staples.)

Use discretion when determining if to print and how many copies to print.

Please report any room or equipment issues to

EEE Social Media Accounts

Stay up to date with EEE events and info by following on social media. See attached flyer for links to all accounts.

EEE Faculty Mentor Change Request Form – Due 9/6/23

Upper-class students who wish to change their EEE Faculty Mentor should download and complete the EEE Faculty Mentor Change Request Form. Deadline is Wednesday, September 6 by 9AM. No action is needed from students who are new to EEE this semester. Assignments for new students will be made by the EEE UG office.

Purdue Calendars

2023-2024 Academic Calendar

Various drop/add calendar with deadlines, and future years of academic calendars can be found at

How to Schedule an Appointment with EEE Advisors

EEE and other Engineering students can access the Environmental and Ecological Engineering appointment calendar via BoilerConnect. EEE currently has In Person and Virtual appointments, depending on the time and day.

There are training resources available to students in BoilerConnect on the login page. Click ‘For Students.’  Advisors and service offices across campus use BoilerConnect for making appointments, so these instructions are generalized. 

Student Self-Help Guides:

Registration Troubleshooting

Having trouble registering, adding, or dropping? Need an override for a class? There are many resources on the EEE Registration Tools page, such as instruction links for Scheduling Assistant:

The Registrar page also has links for most common registration issues at

How to Get Undergraduate Research Experience in EEE

Interested in pursuing research with EEE faculty? Students are welcome to reach out to individual faculty that they feel best matches with their interests. Learn more and find instructions on how to approach your search at

Job Tune Up Seminar by Ms. Whelton

Thursday, September 7 at 3:00pm in POTR 234 (Fu Room).  Come and go as your schedule allows.  See attached flyer. 

Led by Ms. Meg Whelton.  As an environmental engineer who has worked in your field, she will give overall tips and advice in addition to answering your questions! This is a great preparation tool prior to Industrial Roundtable.  Sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students are welcome.  

Job Corner with Ms. Whelton, PE

This section is prepared for the newsletter by Ms. Margaret Whelton, PE.  She is the EEE Manager of Industrial Experience.  The responsibilities of this position include working with industry to secure internships, co-ops, and full-time job opportunities for students; developing real world senior design and research projects; and facilitating partnerships between industry and Environmental and Ecological Engineering. She has twelve years of experience as a practicing environmental engineer prior to becoming part of EEE.  She is a registered professional engineer in Indiana, Virginia, and Alabama. 

Purdue’s MGMT 48800 course via the Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) provided data found that Purdue graduates had about $5,000 bump in their starting salary if they have had one or more internship or co-op experiences.  For Purdue engineering students, going to the CCO for help at least once during their college career increased their starting salary by $2,599. 

The beginning of the fall semester is the best time to find full time and internship opportunities.  There are several events that will help you prepare for Industrial Roundtable (Sept 12th and 13th in person & 14th virtual) and the Civil Engineering Career Fair (Oct 12th in person). The CE Career Fair already has their information sessions penciled in the night of October 11th.  

It looks like you can schedule “appointments” starting September 1st at 8am in Career Fair Plus and have a limit of four appointments in person and 4 virtual appointments.  I suggest you look at the companies you are interested in that are applicable to many majors and use your appointments for those companies before they fill up. Then schedule meetings/appointments with other companies on later.  Please note this will be in addition to waiting in line for a company during the fair itself.  Hence my strategy of focusing on companies you’re interested in that generally have long lines during the fair.

They currently do not have the time appointment scheduling will close, but if it is the same as in the past you will be able to schedule appointments for a couple days and they will close that opportunity.  It should open up again later closer to the fair with additional opportunities although there may not be additional opportunities for the same companies.  It is first come first serve, so I suggest booking your appointments early. Also, last year in career fair plus we found it was very specific for registration-so sometimes if a company didn’t have EEE listed you couldn’t get an appointment (this frustrated companies and students) or what you selected as your year mattered (i.e too many credits for internships).  My suggestion is to be flexible in how you set things.  If you “need” to be listed as a CE, NRES, etc to schedule an appointment with a company that is looking for someone to do environmental work or does environmental work-select that as your major.  Some EEE students had success doing this in the past.  EEE isn’t selected sometimes for a variety of reasons (company just selects the majors they did last time, HR who inputs isn’t aware of EEE, needs change, etc). EEE not being listed is not necessarily an accurate reflection of company needs since we are a unique program.  I am not sure if they will remove some of those specific requirements this year so it’s better to be prepared when you register early on September 1st.

There is no information yet on IR prep night, but the info sessions for IR are posted.  Virtual info sessions are Wednesday Sept 6th-Thursday Sept 7th and in person sessions on Monday September 11th. Please note companies will not necessarily come to both types of sessions so you should look at both the virtual and in person to see who you’d like to connect with.  If you are really interested in a company, it is a good idea to attend their information session-this is how companies determine that you are “really interested” in working for them and they keep a record of how many times you interact with their company.

There is also a new fair this year called “Public Impact Fair” for government and nonprofit positions on September 11th from 1-6pm in HCRN 1066.  The Peace Corps will be present.  The Peace Corps don’t come to many fairs so if you are interested in them, I suggest you try to make time see them during this fair.  Here is a link to all the entities that will attend. The Ag Fair is also on October 3rd which we will discuss more later.   

The CCO has resources that can help you in the job search. They can review your resume, give a mock interview, and offer workshops to aid you in the process of looking for employment.  They also have information sessions listed that are scheduled through CCO.  Check here for all CCO related events on campus:   

Companies are starting to “visit” Purdue to start looking for potential employees. I say “visit” because some companies are hosting virtual information sessions, some of which may you have to RSVP for (see CCO calendar link above) ahead of time.   As I am writing this, I see DC Energy has an info session virtually on September 21st , Lockheed Martin has a virtual session on Sept 6th, and Renewable Energy Systems Americas has a session in person on September 28th.  There may be others you are interested in and they are always adding sessions-so check regularly!

Did you know you can even practice your interview skills at the CCO?  You can schedule a mock interview through them.  This is a great way to practice your sales pitch!  You can schedule a mock interview Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm here under “Undergraduates-Peer Mock Interview:  You can also do an interview via Big Interview virtually here.

Don’t forget I will be giving a workshop geared on preparing EEE students for job opportunities.  The “Job Tune-Up Seminar” is Thursday Sept 7th from 3 to 5pm in POTR 234. As an environmental engineer who has worked in your field, I will give overall tips and advice in addition to answering your questions!   There will also be a panel of EEE undergraduate students to discuss their past work experiences and how they obtained their jobs. There may even be another guest this year!

Finally, if you are interested in graduate school, you should go to the Midwestern Grad School Virtual Summit (Sept 27th and 28th).  You need to register, but it is free to attend.  Find more information here:

Professional Licensure & FE Exam: What is it? When to take it? How to prepare?

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is typically the first step in the process leading to the P.E. license. It is designed for students close to finishing their engineering degree or recent graduates. The FE is a computer-based exam that is administered year-round at NCEES (National Council of Examiners for engineering and Surveying) approved Pearson VUE test centers. FYI – Purdue has an approved test site.  The FE contains 110 multiple-choice questions. The exam appointment time is 6 hours long, which includes a nondisclosure agreement, tutorial (8 minutes), the exam (5 hours and 20 minutes), a scheduled break (25 minutes), and a brief survey.

What is professional licensure all about and why is it important?  Learn more at

The EEE website has an information and resource page - click here. This page highlights NCEES, the Environmental Exam, links to various sites to register for the FE, what study sessions are offered on campus (not all apply to EEE, though), how to purchase study guides, and other resources to consider.

Fall 2023 JCP Suit-UP

The Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) & JCPenny have collaborated to offer a 30% off coupon for your online or in store purchase. This coupon is available for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and family members. 

Please see the attachment for more information.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Info Session

Are you looking for a position to develop your skills, enhance your career potential and make a global difference? Join an info session on September 6th from 1:30-2:30PM ET in HAMP 2113. Learn more at

Wabash River Enhancement Corporation (WREC) Hiring Part-time Work Study

WREC is hiring an invasive plant technician for the academic year.  This is for students qualified for federal work study only.  The successful applicant will focus on honeysuckle management along the riverfront in downtown Lafayette, but will also manage tree of heaven, wintercreeper, and other invasives in both urban and rural settings.  They will work both independently and with supervision.  No experience necessary, but they should be able to learn to ID bush honeysuckle, make good decisions in regards to safety, be comfortable using herbicide, have their own transportation, and be able to work a physically strenuous field job. 

See attached detailed announcement.  Applicants should follow instructions on this attachment to apply. 

The job description is posted on Purdue’s MyCCO page and on WREC’s website.  Job Description on WREC’s website:  (MyCCO job ID: 978402).

Wabash Sampling Blitz by WREC

See this link advertising the fall Wabash Sampling Blitz; the volunteer citizen science event to sample streams feeding the Wabash River.  The event crosses two days, and volunteers can sample at the time that is most convenient to them during those two days.  The dates are Sept 8 and 9. 

Website with more info and registration:

Purdue Student Soybean Innovation Competition Call-Out

Interested in participating in the Purdue Student Soybean Innovation Competition with the chance to win $5,000, $10,000, or $20,000? Attend the callout on Wednesday, September 20th at 5:30 PM in ABE B073.

Please see the attachment for more information.

AmeriCorps in West Lafayette

With over 500 acres of parks and 67 miles of trails, AmeriCorps needs help to maintain and increase our capacity! AmeriCorps members will serve with the City of West Lafayette to improve green spaces and capacity by creating equitable recreation spaces for all community members. 

Learn More and Appy:

Please also see the attachment for more details.

Duke Energy Virtual Student Career Conference

Duke Energy is hosting a virtual career conference with the opportunity to discover potential careers at Duke Energy and engage in panel discussions with previous Duke Energy interns. The conference will take place on Thursday, October 5th from 4p.m.-8p.m. and Friday October 6 from 9a.m.-1p.m. RSVP by Friday, September 29 with the QR code in the attachment.

Carnegie Mellon Master's Degree in Engineering and Public Policy

Carnegie Mellon is offering a Master's degree program in Engineering and Public Policy. See attached flyer if interested.

Academic Success Center (ASC) 

The ASC offers a collection of services and programs designed to help students be successful in the classroom. Be proactive and review available resources now. Don’t wait till things get difficult to manage.  ASC provides:  Academic Consultations, Peer Coaching, Supplemental Instruction (SI), Workshops, and much more.  See ASC’s offerings at See this attachment for the fall 2023 workshop schedule and this attachment to learn more about accountability groups.

QUESTIONS? For more specific information about each service, be sure to check out their homepages, or Email, call 765-494-4700, or visit Wiley C215.

Engineering Academic Support - Resource Webpage

Did you know the College of Engineering has a webpage dedicated to listing academic resources for classes? This includes Supplemental Instruction, resource rooms, and how to find a free tutor for some key engineering classes. Free tutoring is available for some CE and ME courses. Tutoring sessions are scheduled through BoilerConnect, choose Polytech Engineering Tutoring appointment type to schedule. Visit to see what else is available to you to help.

CAPS Services Fall 2023

Learn about the new services CAPS is offering this semester and find one that works best for you. The newest resource offered is Therapy Assisted Online (TAO), which offers a variety of well-being and mental health resources. To learn more about TAO, drop-in workshops, and other ways to seek support through CAPS see the attachments below:

CAPS Welcome Letter Fall 2023

TAO Sign Up

Anxiety Toolbox Flyer

Art Therapy Group Flyer

Inner Calm Flyer

Purdue Counseling and Guidance Center

Purdue Counseling and Guidance Center (PCGC) is the counseling service and training facility within the College of Education that is supervised by Counseling Psychology faculty at Purdue University. They provide free in-person and virtual individual counseling sessions to Purdue students on Wednesday afternoons and early evenings in the Fall semester. To schedule a screening scan the QR in the attachment

PLaCE Short Courses

PLaCE courses are short courses geared towards international students and focused on improving communication and English language skills. Classes are non-credit bearing and free to enrolled international students.  Enrollment is limited to one class for the first week of registration. If space is available beginning August 21st, you may register for a second class.  Session 1 classes begin August 28 &29. 

More details about classes may be found on the PLaCE website:

Registration is now open for Fall 2023. Go to  

Safety: All Hazards Training

View Key Emergency Preparedness Resources at Emergency Preparedness website. All-Hazards Awareness Training is offered to the Purdue community through in-person sessions and online. This training provides reminders on what constitutes an all-hazards emergency event and how faculty, staff and students in the classroom or elsewhere on campus should react in such a situation. Emergency preparedness officials explain how the campus community receives emergency notifications through the multi-layered Purdue Alert system, what "shelter in place" means and how to respond when they see the phrase in alerts sent out; evacuation procedures; what they can do to prepare; and available tools and resources.

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