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Windows: Testing the ECN Windows Logon Script


The ECN Windows logon script plays a major role in keeping the ECN domain workstations functioning properly for users.  This document details the methods and procedures used for testing the logon script before it is pushed into production.

Change Procedure - ECN Domain Windows Logon Script

If the logon script needs to be updated, it will only be updated once a week on Tuesdays for the "Zero Day" test group of users and then replicated for all users on Thursdays.  Listed below are the basic guidelines that are followed by the ECN Micro Group when making changes to the logon script.

  1. Create backup of the current master logon script
  2. Make the needed changes to the master logon script
  3. Test the master logon script (Test procedure detailed below)
  4. Determine if it is working
  5. If it passes all tests, then we will replicate it out for production.  If it fails, we go back to step 2.

If immediate changes are needed, notify the Micro group of your changes by sending mail to  We will make the changes on the logon script master.  The changes will stay on the logon script master for one day.  If the changes appear to work correctly and pass all tests, then we will leave the changes in place and replicate the login script out into production.  Listed below is the procedure for testing the logon script

Testing Procedure - ECN Domain Windows Logon Script

Follow the steps below to test the ECN Windows logon script from the logon script master:

  1. If you have not done so already, map S: to \\\public.
  2. Run S:\tools\usr\local\bin\testlogon.cmd by either double-clicking the file or typing the full name at a command prompt.
  3. You will see the logon script run as you would normally see it when you are logging in.
  4. When the logon script is finished,  test the applications that will be affected by the logon script changes.  Another good place to check for problems is the log file in C:\temp.  The name of the log file is USERNAME@COMPUTERNAME.log.  Be sure to check the date\time in the log file to be sure it is the correct one.
  5. If everything appears to be working correctly, notify the Micro group by sending mail to and we will push the master logon script into production.

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