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Windows: Reducing the Size of Your Roaming Profile

Whenever you use Windows on an ECN computer, you are using a roaming profile. The roaming profile is a collection of folders containing preferences for Windows and other applications. The profile loads every time you log on to a Windows machine on ECN, allowing you to keep the same preferences wherever you may log on. This usually runs invisibly, indicated only by a small icon in the Windows taskbar, near the clock. It looks like a blue computer monitor with a small face beside it.

Normal roaming profile icon

Sometimes, however, your profile may fill up, resulting in an unwelcome error message. When your profile is getting close to its quota, the profile icon will change into a yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside it.

Nearly full roaming profile icon

When you exceed your roaming profile quota, you will see a pop-up message warning you that you have exceeded it, and the icon will change to a red circle with an X in it.

Roaming profile full icon

If you hover your cursor over the icon, it will tell you either how much profile space you have remaining or by how much you have exceeded your quota.

When you are near or over your quota, you will need to reduce the size of your roaming profile.

How to Fix Your Roaming Profile error

First click on Start, then on ECN Help, finally click on the icon Clean My Profile, and this will start an automated process of removing unnecessary files from your profile.

If your roaming profile is still over quota at this point, please click on Start, then on ECN Help, and select ECN Trouble Report. Please fill out the trouble report form and someone from ECN will help you with your quota as soon as possible.


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