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Local Admin account (PCADM)
Instructions of using PCADM account on win10 boilerad systems
Last Modified: Jun 7, 2021 Viewed 1547 times
Mapping ECN Network Drive using Windows 7
These instructions describe how to access an ECN network drive from a Windows 7-based computer.
Last Modified: Jun 5, 2020 Viewed 2844 times
Org Unit Crosswalk
org Unit organization department code
Last Modified: Jul 11, 2022 Viewed 157 times
Procedures for when One Leaves Engineering, Technology or EVPRP/DP
Leaving Engineering Discovery Park EVPRP Technology ECN Purdue University account expiration expire email closed closed closing leave purdue
Last Modified: Aug 1, 2022 Viewed 732 times
R4P Process Details
R4P, Request for Privileges, accounts, non-employee, new hire
Last Modified: May 23, 2022 Viewed 390 times
Scan to share
How to set up a scan-to-share
Last Modified: Nov 4, 2021 Viewed 25 times Restricted to ECN
Setting up 2 factor authentication
BoilerKey setup article moved to:
Last Modified: Apr 28, 2018 Viewed 61 times
Student account process overview
undergrad grad undergraduate graduate sdf gdf account creation deletion process overview
Last Modified: Aug 3, 2021 Viewed 12 times Restricted to ECN
Unix Quotas, and They'll Nix You.
By Stacey Clark and Sundeep Rao One of the q...
Last Modified: Nov 6, 2007 Viewed 181 times
sdf/gdf student daily roster run process
Process to update student accounts using the sdf and gdf feed from ecndb
Last Modified: Aug 2, 2021 Viewed 6 times Restricted to ECN

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