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Mapping ECN Network Drive using Windows XP
These instructions describe how to access an ECN network drive from a Windows XP-based computer.
Last Modified: Jul 9, 2012 Viewed 2081 times
Org Unit Crosswalk
org Unit organization department code
Last Modified: Sep 9, 2019 Viewed 226 times
Procedures for when One Leaves Engineering, Technology or OVPR/DP
Leaving Leave Engineering Discovery Park OVPR Technology ECN Purdue University account expiration expire email closed closed closing leave purdue
Last Modified: Sep 14, 2019 Viewed 770 times
Scan to share
How to set up a scan-to-share
Last Modified: Nov 12, 2019 Viewed 24 times Restricted to ECN
Setting up 2 factor authentication
BoilerKey setup article moved to:
Last Modified: Apr 28, 2018 Viewed 231 times
Student account process overview
undergrad grad undergraduate graduate sdf gdf account creation deletion process overview
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2017 Viewed 10 times Restricted to ECN
Unix Quotas, and They'll Nix You.
By Stacey Clark and Sundeep Rao One of the q...
Last Modified: Nov 6, 2007 Viewed 268 times
What is your roaming profile?
By Ralph McCallister Every time you log onto an ECN supported PC running Windows 2000 or Windows ...
Last Modified: Oct 31, 2007 Viewed 157 times
sdf/gdf student daily roster run process
Process to update student accounts using the sdf and gdf feed from ecndb
Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020 Viewed 18 times Restricted to ECN

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