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Adding or Removing ECN Staff Accounts
How to add (create) or remove (delete) an ECN staff member account adding removing creating deleting new ecn account
Last Modified: May 14, 2018 Viewed 22 times Restricted to ECN
Changing OnePurdue Password Remotely
How to use smbpasswd to change a remote account's password.
Last Modified: Feb 14, 2008 Viewed 441 times
Choosing a Good Password
by Curtis Smith Introduction Whenever you change your ECN password using the Change Password web p...
Last Modified: Apr 21, 2015 Viewed 434 times
ECN Accounts: Changing Your Password
The best and easiest way to change your password is by using Ctrl+Alt+Del on your ECN domain PC. Follow the in...
Last Modified: Feb 12, 2018 Viewed 856 times
ECN Accounts: Finding Your ECN Password
Your ECN account usually has the same password as your career account password. If you are not sure ...
Last Modified: Apr 21, 2015 Viewed 976 times
ECN Accounts: Finding Your Server Name
How to determine which ECN server is your "home server"
Last Modified: Jan 6, 2016 Viewed 4968 times
ECN Accounts: Logging In and Out
Logging in Logging in is the first procedure required to enter your computer account and access the ...
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2015 Viewed 572 times
ECN Accounts: Undergrad Account Requests
Procedures for requesting ECN accounts for undergraduate students.
Last Modified: Mar 25, 2011 Viewed 11 times Restricted to ECN
ECN: Getting Started Guide
An overview of our environment and support for people new to using ECN's systems.
Last Modified: May 24, 2018 Viewed 3803 times
ECN: Policy on Access and Usage
Last revision: 29 March 2006. Machine numbers updated December 2003. 1. Introduction The ...
Last Modified: Sep 14, 2015 Viewed 839 times
Entity Account creation process
Create entity accounts ph ah acmaint
Last Modified: Mar 7, 2018 Viewed 90 times Restricted to ECN
How to change the profilePath
This is the current syntax in use in June 2001. EXAMPLE: ah> modify account stacey arcticwol...
Last Modified: Oct 31, 2007 Viewed 3 times Restricted to ECN
Mapping ECN Network Drive using Windows 7
These instructions describe how to access an ECN network drive from a Windows 7-based computer.
Last Modified: Nov 3, 2017 Viewed 8925 times
Mapping ECN Network Drive using Windows XP
These instructions describe how to access an ECN network drive from a Windows XP-based computer.
Last Modified: Jul 9, 2012 Viewed 1821 times
Procedures for when One Leaves Engineering, Technology or OVPR/DP
Leaving Leave Engineering Discovery Park OVPR Technology ECN Purdue University keywords: account expiration expire email closed closed closing
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2018 Viewed 445 times

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