Accessing/Updating web pages on the Apache web server (wilbur)

User Web Sites

Individual Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students with web sites on the ECN Apache server (wilbur) can update their web sites using either an ECN supported Windows or Unix (Solaris/Linux) computer. Web sites on the ECN Apache server are only available to Faculty and Staff who have requested a site be created.

We do not recommend Graduate and Undergraduate students get Purdue hosted websites because they are removed upon graduation, at which point all of the longevity and reputation of the site is lost. For Students, our recommendation is that you create your own website at some commercial hosting service (there are many of these, like Wordpress, Google sites, Squarespace, etc). Then, you can add a link from your graduate research group’s website to your personal website. 

A personal web site hosted on the ECN Apache Server is accessible via the web at the following URL:

Updating User Web Sites from UNIX (Solaris/Linux)

From a Unix system files can be update by browsing to:


where username is your career account login.

Updating User Web Sites from Windows

From an ECN supported Windows computer web pages can be updated by mapping a drive to:


View the document on Mapping ECN Drive using Windows 7 for more information. This procedure may work from other computer systems on campus or computer systems connected to Purdue through the ITaP VPN Service.

Group (Entity) Web Sites

Groups with web sites on the ECN Apache server (wilbur) can update their web pages using an ECN supported Unix (Solaris/Linux) computer.

Group web sites hosted on the ECN Apache Server are accessible via the web at a URL like:

Where ENTITY is the name of the web site.

From a Unix system, files can be updated by being logged in:

               From a PC:   Start -> Programs -> ECN Software -> SecureCRT 5.0.2 -> Hosts -> MACHINE 

cd /web/entities/ENTITY

Or you can also use group permissions, to allow access to the web page files for editing. If you need our help, we can create a symlink to be made to that location in your homedir

mkdir shortcutToWeb
cd shortcutToWeb
ln -s /web/entities/ENTITY ./ENTITY

     Create the Index.html file, to start.



If you get an error saying you can not create the file, double check you are logged into a machine where the account exists. 

"ls"  reporting that  the files are owned by "nobody" is an indicator that the account is not on that machine.

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