Mounting a Windows Share on a Linux Operating System

Please note that this article is customized for self-managed Linux systems. You will not have sudo access on an ECN supported Linux host.


Install cifs-utils Package

The first step in mounting a Windows share on Linux is to install the cifs-utils package

1.       Open a new Terminal window, and type the following:


sudo apt-get install cifs-utils


2.       Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation



Mounting the Windows Share

1.       Create a location that the share can be mounted to. In this example we used /mnt/share

sudo mkdir /mnt/share


2.       Mount the share with the Windows file path. In this example, we’re connecting to a share on the Software Repository Beldin

mount -t cifs // /mnt/share --verbose -o vers=2.1,user=USERNAME


Note: The above command is all one line. There is a ‘space’ in between //beldin/software/matlab and /mnt/share. Also, USERNAME will be replaced with your Purdue career account username


3.       Enter your Purdue career account password when prompted. Your Windows share should now be mounted. Now, change the directory to your mount location (i.e. /mnt/share)


cd /mnt/share

ls –la


The contents of the share will be viewable with ls -la after the share has been successfully mounted.

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