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Knoy 202 Table of Contents

The Knoy 202 Dean's Conference Room is a meeting facility equipped with videoconference cameras, a desktop computer, two laptop connections, audiovisual equipment, two large video displays, a projector, and other gear. It is used primarily by Polytechnic faculty and staff.

ECN is developing documentation for using the equipment in this room. This page summarizes the articles under development and will eventually serve as a table of contents.


Getting Started

  • The common steps necessary to begin using any equipment (videoconference, computer, and/or audiovisual)   



  • Step-by-step details for hosting a videoconference

Conference call (audio only)


Connecting a laptop

  • Connect to video, audio, and network cables at the podium and/or conference table
  • Set laptop screen resolution equal to or less than the maximum resolution supported by the projector and/or video displays
  • How to use the laptop's Fn+video keys


Using the podium desktop PC

  • Login using your ECN/Purdue username and password


Using the document camera

  • Open the drawer on the right side of the podium


Using the DVD player

  • AV gear is in the podium



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