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Knoy 202: Videoconference

To use any audiovisual or computer gear in the Knoy 202 Dean's Conference Room (including the videoconference cameras, desktop computer, two laptop connections, DVD player, and two large video displays), please begin with the procedures shown here:

Then proceed with the instructions on this page to host a videoconference.


Hosting a Videoconference 


Book the room in Outlook for the meeting date and time.


Schedule a WebEx meeting at If you don’t already have a personal WebEx room, one will be created for you as soon as you log on with your Purdue credentials. Below is what your page will look like after you log on.


Click on the faint 'up arrow' to access the tool bar (highlighted in a red circle below).



To schedule a WebEx meeting, select "WebEx Meetings", then "Schedule a Meeting". (Both highlighted in a red box)



Enter the details for your WebEx meeting. The password can remain the system-generated password, or you can enter your own.  You should only enter email addresses in the “Attendees” box if you want the WebEx information sent directly to the attendees when you complete the meeting scheduling, otherwise click the “Send a copy of the invitation email to me.” Additional scheduling options are available under the “Advanced Scheduler.”


If your WebEx meeting is a recurring meeting, you would select "Advanced Scheduler" followed by “Date & Time.”  If you upload documents or agenda, you would go to “Agenda & Welcome.”  When details are completed, click “Save.” You should receive two emails with meeting details.


To start a scheduled WebEx meeting, log into the WebEx site, select “My Meetings,” and click the corresponding green “Start” button.


After the meeting is started and you are asked to connect to audio, select “Call My Video System” and enter “” in the second dropdown box. Then click the green “Connect Audio and Video” button to start the meeting and allow others to join.



This will open this window, which is your meeting workspace, which allows you to see who is on the meeting. To show the video on the workspace, click the gray “Show Video on this Screen."



Please note:

For WebEx meetings scheduled through the scheduler system (, you can no longer access that meeting.  You can still start and access your scheduled meeting by connecting manually, but there isn’t video capability.  To start the meeting, you click the “Meeting” link at the top, and select “Information.” Then, using the Cisco remote control, dial 7# (9 Digit WebEx Meeting number) from the device.  Click the green button on the remote to call/connect to the meeting.



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