Knoy 202: Videoconference

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To use any audiovisual or computer gear in the Knoy 202 Dean's Conference Room (including the videoconference cameras, desktop computer, two laptop connections, DVD player, two large video displays, and/or projector), please begin with the procedures shown here:

Then proceed with the instructions on this page to host a videoconference or to dial into a videoconference hosted elsewhere.



  • Step-by-step details for hosting a videoconference
  • Be sure to point the remote control toward the control cabinet in the front of the room (behind the podium), not at the video displays in the rear
  • Unmute the Polycom audio unit on the conference table (green light)

1. Choose how you wish to make a videoconference call using the Polycom Remote.

1A.First you need to know how to use the remote. Reference this picture for the remote functions.

Polycom Remote Control


A. Up


B. Select Item


C. Left


D. Right


E. Down


F. Mute Polycom Unit


G. Open Call Dialogue


H. Open Directory Screen


I. Hang Up on current call.





Polycom's cabinet behind a podium.1B. Remember to point the remote at the Polycom's cabinet behind the podium instead of at the displays themselves!

In addition, also make sure that the Polycom desk unit is unmuted either by pressing the mute button on the unit itself or the mute button on the controller.

You will know the unit is unmuted when the lights on it turn green.















 The polycom homescreen.
1C. Choose if you would like to make a direct call or use the directory.

If you know the IP address of the site you would like to connect to, select to "Place a Call".

If you know the site you would like to connect to but don't have the IP, select "Directory".




 Polycom's Place A Call screen.2. If you chose to "Place a Call", simply enter the IP of the site you would like to connect to using the number pad on the Polycom remote.

Then select "Call" and press the "Select Item" button.






Polycom's Enter A Number screen.3. If you choose to use the directory, select the "Favorites" folder.

This will open up a list of sites that have been marked as favorites by the Polytechnic.

Find the site you wish to connect to and press the "Select Item" button.

Repeat this process for connecting to additional sites.  You can connect up to 8 sites at a time.

If the site you are looking for is not in the directory, you can find it in the back up directory at, press "Back" and then follow step 1C and step 2.













An Incoming call on Polycom.4. If you receive an incoming call, select "Yes" to accept it or "No" to reject it.

Provided that the caller is coming from a number subject to CallerID or from another Polycom unit, the phone number or location they are calling from should be displayed.






Device-specific instructions

To use other devices in Knoy 202, see the Knoy 202 Table of Contents article.


Before you leave Knoy 202

When you're done using the Knoy 202 Dean's Conference Room for the day, please take a moment to do the few steps shown here:



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