COVID-19 Updates for Undergraduate Students

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Purdue Resources

For the most up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation, please refer to the following resources:

ECN Resources

Message to International Students

Some of you have contacted us with concerns about the COVID-19 response. We understand that many of you may be uncertain and worried at this time. We are all working very hard this week to plan for this unprecedented, massive, and rapid move to online course delivery. It is also important for all of us to remember that this move is prompted by very real concerns about a pandemic that is devastating families all over the world.

We appreciate that you are all concerned about your education—rest assured that faculty and staff across the university are grappling with these same questions about fairness, internet access, exams, and interactions every day as we work to make it possible for students to complete their Spring coursework in the midst of this pandemic. Completing coursework does mean that we teach and students learn the necessary material at the level that satisfies the requirements of an engineering degree as well as the standards that have made Purdue a destination of choice for students from all over the world, including yourself. When an instructor does not yet have a clear answer about whether/how an exam will take place, that is because they are trying to determine the best solution.

As indicated in President Daniels’ email, all courses will be online for the rest of the semester so that you can complete your Spring coursework remotely. Some of you will choose to stay in the United States, others may choose to go back to your home countries. We cannot tell you which choice is better—that is for you to determine with your families. You have all received an email from ISS about the visa implications—make sure you work through those carefully and consult with ISS as needed. But, again, all courses will be available online and we anticipate that some students will be returning to their home countries. As such, instructors, many of whom themselves have families outside the United States, understand that students may be in different time zones.

How to Contact Your Advisor

Due to the transition to online classes, we are also transitioning to online advising until further notice. We would love to meet each of you in person, but due to the circumstances we are all trying to lessen the risk of spreading illness and keeping everyone healthy.
Please rest assured that we are available to help you – it will just be via email or phone appointments. If you have a scheduled appointment, please call the number your advisor provided in their email to you, which is their desk phone, at the regularly scheduled appointment time. These are forwarded to their home/cell phone, so please be patient as the call may take longer to go through. Should you get disconnected or receive their voice mail, please try again and we apologize for any inconvenience.
As always, you are welcome to email your advisor or the address your questions if you prefer, and we will answer them as soon possible.
Walk‐ins are suspended until further notice, so please check your email for announcements from us.

Drop/Modify a Course

Due to the transition to online classes, we are aware that some courses may not go as you had planned, so the University has extended the last day to add/modify/drop a course to Friday, May 1, 2020.
You are allowed to change general education electives and complementary electives to Pass/No Pass if you are worried about the grade; however, remember that it must be a grade of C- or higher to earn a Passing grade.
If you find you wish to drop a course, please email your academic advisor to start the process. They will evaluate your situation to ensure you are not jeopardizing anything such as graduation requirements, ISS status, etc. If all is cleared, you will receive a Form 23 to sign and return immediately for processing.

Fall Registration

The steps to complete the process are the same as posted on our website under Registration Information.  Once your advisor approves your SEP, you will receive an email from them with a survey that asked information that we would normally ask during your in‐person meeting.  You will then receive your registration PIN with the answers to any questions you may have.

Please know that we are not doing this to solely replace interaction with your advisor, and you are more than welcome to schedule a phone meeting instead, but the survey will still come in handy before that meeting.