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First Semester Registration Information

One of the first tasks you will need to address when you arrive on campus is registration for your first semester. You will register for most all courses through the electronic system called Self Service Banner (SSB), through your MyPurdue portal. However, registration for research or courses which have variable credits or require the approval of the department or instructor cannot be completed through the online process. Below are the steps you should follow to register for your first semester at Purdue.

The following information is available to help orient you to Purdue University and to the ECE School:

  • Graduate Level Course Listing is the most up to date and detailed listing of ECE Graduate Level Courses.
  • The Advanced Planning List shows the planned ECE course offerings for each of the next several semesters.
  • The Graduate Areas and Faculty Interests website gives a list of the faculty membership in each of the eight ECE graduate areas. For a brief statement of the specific interest area and contact information, click on the link for each faculty member.

First semester ECE graduate students are required to meet with three faculty members to discuss you first semester courses.  We will facilitate meetings by holding group meetings with faculty representatives from each research area on Monday afternoon, August 14th.  Up to two of your faculty meetings can be from these sessions.  It is important that you receive appropriate advice before submitting your first semester registration. Please use the paper, New Student Registration, Form 23, to discuss which courses are appropriate. Once you have met with three faculty members and listed them on the line on the back of the Form 23 and submitted that form to the ECE Graduate Office you will receive your registration PIN and may register for your courses through SSB on myPurdue.

Variable title courses such as ECE 69600 the ECE Project and ECE 69700 Directed Reading will use Form VT, found on myPurdue. For ECE 69800 Master Research, ECE 69900 PhD Research, and ECE 69200 Introduction to Graduate Research, you will submit the Form 23 with the signature of the professor who will supervise the course. You will need to include the CRN (Course Registration Number) and the number of credits on the Form 23.

For courses requiring the instructor's approval, complete the Form 23 and get the signature approving your registration for the course from the instructor and bring form to the ECE Graduate Office for entry.  If approval from another department is required, contact that department for signature approval and bring the Form 23 to the ECE Graduate Office for entry.

Note that your graduation requirements include the satisfactory completion of one semester of ECE 69400, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Seminar, and demonstration of proficiency in written English. We strongly suggest that you complete these during your first or second semester.

Payment of the fee statement completes the registration process. Your registration will be canceled if payment is not received.  You will find tuition and fee statements in myPurdue under the Bills and Payments tab.

Please note that it is up to you to confirm your registration via MyPurdue.   The ECE Graduate Office is not responsible for errors you make in your registration.

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