How to Drop a Course

Note: It is your responsibility to submit requests early enough for them to be approved by the deadlines. Additionally, if drop requests are not submitted by 1 PM on the deadline date we cannot guarantee approval.

How to Drop a Course

Use the scheduling assistant in myPurdue to submit a drop request. Follow these instructions.

Requesting Approvals: When requesting approvals for course adds or drops in weeks 1-2, do not “bundle” these requests. Instead, submit each request separately. This will allow us to more efficiently process these requests. After week 2, requests may be submitted together.

Elisheba Van Winkle ( will contact you with any questions and will approve your request.

Make sure to check myPurdue (Register for Classes > Current Registration) to verify that the drop has been fully processed.

If you have any difficulty dropping a course, contact Elisheba Van Winkle (

Grade and transcript information:

For 16-week courses:

  • Courses dropped in Weeks 1 & 2: Do not appear on your transcript
  • Courses dropped in Weeks 3-13: Your transcript will show the course title and W (withdrawn). ECE Graduate Office Advisor will review requests.

These dates will vary for 5-week and 8-week short courses. See the Registrar’s drop/add refund calendars or contact Elisheba Van Winkle ( if you need additional information.

If you are Dropping All Courses After the Semester Has Started

To drop all your courses, submit a withdrawal form:

  1. Log into myPurdue and select the Registration page.
  2. Select Withdraw from Purdue University/Request Withdrawal from Current Academic Term.
  3. Complete and submit the form.

Important! Completing this form will not prevent you from enrolling in the next upcoming semester, unless your eligibility to register has run out.

Visit the Dean of Student’s website for more information on withdrawing.