June 7, 2024

Research assistant position available in Prof. Luna Lu’s group

Position Type: Administrative
Priority: No
Research assistant position available in Prof. Luna Lu’s group 
We are seeking sevearl highly motivated research assistants (RA) to join Prof. Luna Lu's group at Civil Engineering during the summer 2024. The students will participate in several research programs funded by National Science Foundation, Federal Highway Administration and industry sponsored programs. The Ras will work closely with the graduate student mentor to understand the fundamental science and engineering principles of design high performance and low carbon concrete using nanomaterials. The students will perform various tasks related to concrete strength testing, data collection and analysis, and participate the project report/presentation. 
  • Assist in material preparation, specimen preparation, sensor testing and data collection
  • Conduct data analysis to support ongoing research project
  • Help maintain laboratory equipment and ensure a safe working environment
  • Required but not limited to: perform additional tasks related to research projects as needed
  • Prior research experience in construction materials or non-destructive testing is preferred but not required
  • Strong communication, responsibility, and organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
The research assistant will start working after passing the interview. If the research assistant demonstrates strong performance and is a good fit for the group, there may be opportunities for admission to the MS/PhD program.
If you meet the requirements and are passionate about this field, please submit your resume and contact Prof. Lu (luna@purdue.edu), Prof. Yining Feng (feng109@purdue.edu ) and copy Rui He (he566@purdue.edu ). 
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