Information for Future Students

Welcome to the Purdue School of Chemical Engineering where our undergraduate program is ranked among the top in the nation. Did you know that Chemical Engineering is among the broadest of all the degree programs on campus? We use innovative ideas to transform raw materials into high-value products or processes, with a focus on the roles of chemistry and chemical properties. Chemical Engineers explore, recover, refine, and deliver the gasoline and diesel that have been the historical fuels of choice. We also develop the processes to minimize the environmental impact, maximize the energy production, and minimize the cost associated with every step in this process. In fact, it's hard to go more than five minutes in a day without using multiple products or processes that were the result of chemical engineers in action!

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For students transitioning from high school:

All beginning engineering students are admitted to the First-Year Engineering program, which provides all freshman time to explore the 16 different majors offered in the College of Engineering. We invite you to browse our website for more information about the Purdue School of Chemical Engineering where you will find the information you need to pursue your Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering degree. To learn more about the Purdue College of Engineering, the First-Year Engineering program, and to schedule your campus visit please visit the Office of Future Engineers website at

For students transitioning from First Year Engineering (FYE):

Students who have completed the FYE requirements and are ready to move to their professional school of choice will transition through the College of Engineering's Enrollment Management Policy (T2M: Transition to Major) process.  

For guaranteed admission to Chemical Engineering, through the T2M process students must: 

  • complete FYE requirements 
  • have an Engineering Admission Index (EAI) GPA and overall GPA of a 3.2 or higher
  • earn a grade of a "C" or better in CHE 20500:ChE Calculations if completed prior to admission  

Students who have completed the FYE requirements whose EAI and overall GPA fall below a 3.2 will be considered based on critical capacity.

Students who have completed CHE 20500: ChE Calculations who earn a grade lower than a "C" will not be considered for admission.  

 For students transitioning from other majors at Purdue (CODO):

Students wishing to transfer from another major at Purdue or CODO (change of degree objective, or change of curricula) into ChE must: 

  • have completed the First-Year Engineering program with an EAI of 3.3 or better                
  • have an overall GPA of 3.3 or above

For students transferring from another university:

Students wishing to transfer from another institution into ChE must apply as a transfer student through Purdue's Office of Admissions.

Students wishing to transfer directly into Chemical Engineering must: 

  • meet Purdues transfer requirements
  • have completed all required EAI courses or equivalents*
  • have an overall GPA of a 3.5 or higher 

 *Students who do not satisfy the ENGR 13100 & 13200 courses will need to apply to the FYE program. 

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