Cynthia Holderbaum

Cynthia Holderbaum

Administrative Assistant, Academic Programs


Phone: +1 765 496-1320
Fax: +1 765 494-1193

Purdue University
Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering
Martin C. Jischke Hall of Biomedical Engineering
206 S. Martin Jischke Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1791


Cindy is a Senior Administrative Assistant and began working for the Weldon School in October 2004. She greets visitors and supports our students and academic program staff on the first floor of MJIS. She also helps with the coordination of our weekly seminar and annual BMES conference. Last, but certainly not least, she is the Schedule Deputy (an interesting Purdue title with wild west connotations) for BME. The Schedule Deputies on campus schedule courses, exams, classrooms & evaluations and are responsible for entering textbooks, syllabus, and new courses into the Purdue systems. Her hobbies include RV camping along with horseback riding. She has two and a half horses (2 full-sized plus a mini) that she takes camping and trail-riding at state parks around Indiana as well as to national parks in the surrounding states of Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee. Oh, and yes, she does most of the driving. Cindy also enjoys spending time with family, including one grandson, and looks forward to having more grandchildren soon.