Technical University of Denmark Study Abroad Program

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) was founded in 1829 and is located in Lyngby, Denmark, a northern suburb of Copenhagen. DTU is a world leader in fields such as design, wind energy, biotechnology, electronics and telecommunication. The university's biomedical engineering program is housed in the electrical engineering department and has a strong imaging and medical device program. We recommend that Weldon School students focused on the electrical side of biomedical engineering consider this opportunity, as the senior design project is programming heavy.

Weldon School students may participate in this program only in the fall semester of their senior year. You will complete your senior design project while at DTU, as well as take technical electives.

An email will be sent to Weldon School students with a link to the online application in mid-November each year. Visit Purdue's Technical University of Denmark Program Details page for more information.

DTU-Purdue Approved Course Equivalencies for BME

BME-Required Senior Design Courses

31560 Advanced Signal Processing
BME 495: Advanced Signal Processing (QB) + BME 488 Prelim. Senior Project Design

Special Course (assigned at DTU)
BME 489 Senior Design Project Lab + BME 490 Professional Elements of Design

BME Tech Electives

31540  Intro to Medical Imaging 

31545  Medical Imaging Systems (the preferred Medical Imaging course to 31540)

34455  Optical Biosensors

42171  System Safety and Reliability Engineering

34550  Biomedical Optics

31529  Tissue and Movement Biomechanics

31590  Biomedical Product Development

BME Life Science Electives

27040  Introduction to Systems Biology

27230  Prokaryotic Cell Biology

27430  Eukaryotic Cell Biology and Disease

26126  The Chemistry of Metals in Biological Systems

26290  Chemistry at the Nanoscale

23205  Fighting Infectious Diseases

27250  Molecular Medical Microbiology