Hamna Qureshi |  Research

What type of research have you been working on?

I began research in Dr. Craig Goergen's CVIRL lab when I was in the second semester of my sophomore year. My specific project was to track the reproductive cycle in female mice and then to image these mice using ultrasound. I was looking to see the kinds of internal and external changes that took place in the mice as the cycle progressed. This project was being done as a collaboration with Dr. Kristen Miller at Tulane University. Her overall goal was to use our data to study the extra-cellular matrix of the uterus and cervix in female mice. I began working on this project with fellow lab members Amelia Adelsperger and Nick Hale. 

Why did you choose to work in this lab?

Initially, I wanted to do research because I felt that it would be a good way to see whether I wanted to do research in the future or go to graduate school. I chose to work in Dr. Goergen's lab because he presented his lab's research in the sophomore BME seminar class and said that he was open to having more undergraduate students in his lab. I thought his research sounded interesting, so I emailed him and asked if there was a place for me in his lab. 

What have been your favorite parts about working in this lab?

I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the lab. The people in this lab are smart and driven, and they take the time to teach new students how to navigate the lab effectively. I have also enjoyed being in an environment where work is done with the goal of eventually helping people. I believe this goal is one that is central to the field of biomedical engineering and so implementing this objective in my own work has been an important part of my research experience.

How has this influenced your future academic or career plans?

Research has impacted my future academic career plans because I have realized this experience is a part of my education that I want to continue. I am glad that I started research in my sophomore year because now I can plan to included it in my schedule for the remainder of my time here at Purdue. Research has also helped me consider the benefits of graduate school and possibly continuing my research into the future. 

What advice would you give to students who are interested in doing research with a professor?

If you want to do research, contact a few different professors whose research interests you. Some of these professors may not get back to you, so it is good to have some options in case your first choice doesn't work out. I would also advise students to make sure that the first email they send a professor has proper grammar, spelling, etc. Have someone else proofread your email because you want to make a good first impression - even if it isn't necessarily in person.