Purdue partners with Hanyang University in Seoul to offer Dual MS Degree

On August 11, 2022, Purdue University and Hanyang University in South Korea signed a letter of agreement to collaborate on a Dual MS Degree Program for both biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Chi Hwan Lee, the Leslie A. Geddes associate professor of biomedical engineering at Purdue University, worked closely with Profs. Dong Rip Kim and Sungwook Park at Hanyang University to develop the program over the past year. Graduate students will benefit from studying in both schools to obtain their dual MS degrees while conducting collaborative research projects.

The first generation of students will be admitted to the program in Spring 2023 and then come to Purdue in West Lafayette in Spring 2024 after completing their first year at Hanyang University.

"This is a great opportunity to bring top graduate students to the Weldon School from one of the best engneering schools in Korea," said Lee.

Hanyang University is a private research university in South Korea with the main campus located in Seoul. Founded in 1939, it was founded as an engineering school and is viewed as one of the leading universities in STEM fields in the country.