Rispoli receives Outstanding Faculty Mentor award from BMEGSA

Purdue's Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association (BMEGSA) has selected Dr. Joseph Rispoli as the recipient of Outstanding Mentor of Engineering Graduate Students Award for the 2020-21 academic year.

BMEGSA awarded Dr. Rispoli with this honor because he "continually demonstrates his drive to foster positive and collaborative learning environments through his passion for teaching and mentoring. His celebration and acknowledgment of even small victories encourages his students to face challenging topics and overcome research hurdles." He is recognized for nurturing partnerships and open communications within his group through roundtable discussions of work and professional development so that his students utilize their collaborative strengths to move everyone's understanding and research forward.

Dr. Rispoli joined the Weldon School in 2015 and leads the Magnetic Resonance Biomedical Engineering Lab (MRBEL), which develops and applies novel technology and methodologies to better exploit magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy for clinical and research use. He is also a core faculty member of the Purdue Neurotrauma Group and a member of the Purdue Center for Cancer Research.