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Biomedical Engineering Faculty Member Receives Top U.S Department of Defense Award

Prof. Edward J. Delp
Prof. Edward J. Delp
Two Purdue faculty members received the Army Research Laboratory Director's Challenge Coin - the top U.S. Defense Department award. Edward J. Delp, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and the Charles William Harrison Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and William J. Chappell, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, were selected to receive the award after technologies they developed saved lives on the battlefield.

The two faculty members are part of a Multi-University Research Initiative, also referred to as MURI, which included a project called Standoff Inverse Analysis and Manipulation of Electronic Systems, or SIAMES. The research led to an important breakthrough in electronic warfare applications.

Melba Crawford, Purdue's Associate Dean of Engineering for Research, stated, "It is extremely rare for a private citizen to receive this award. It's a terrific honor that recognizes their exemplary research and contributions to national defense."

John Miller, Director of the Army Research Laboratory, recognized Professor Delp for his research that led to the development of new approaches to waveform design and analysis contributing to optimal detection and classification of radio transceivers. Miller went on to say, "Their contributions have the potential to substantially improve the performance of the next generation of military radio communication and sensor systems."

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