Timeline Assignment

Design a Timeline for your entire product development process. Include the following items in your timeline:

  • Assign tasks to team members. Tasks may be assigned to one or more team member(s). Below is a list of tasks to include in your timeline. Your team will have additional varying tasks based upon the needs of your specific product development process.
  • Product Idea Assignment, Timeline Assignment, Securing Advisors, Patent Search / Literature Review Assignment, Market Analysis Assignment, Technical Process Summary 1 & 2 Assignments, Packaging Assignment, Team Liaison (Schedule all team meetings, coordinate lab times with advisor, schedule meetings with Micky),  Obtain Research Notebook, Copying Final Reports, and producing your prototype. Think of as many tasks as possible and be specific about duties required for each task.
  • Assign dates for team member(s) assigned tasks.
  • After selecting your two advisors try to keep them informed of the team’s progress.
  • Make sure to include all school breaks and any times team members will be absent from school for an extended period of time (see competition calendar on web page).

See the Soy Competition Calendar for All Team Meeting dates, as well as the Elimination Round, Final Submission and Award Ceremony dates.

Phase I             -           Registration

Phase II            -           Preliminary Business Assignment          Due November 20th

Phase III           -           Technical Feasibility                                 Due January 20th

Phase IV           -           Final Product Assessment                      Due March (TBD)


If your team has any questions regarding this assignment, please direct them to:

Micky Creech
Soy Competition Program Manager
ABE 2034