Purdue Student Soybean Innovation Competition

Faculty Advisors "Pool"

Business/Marketing Advisors

Chad Allred
Clinical Assistant Professor of Management

KCTR 218

Areas of expertise, Global Social Entrepreneurship, Experiential Learning Brand, Development

Kelly Blanchard
Clinical Assistant Professor of Management

KRAN 345

Dr. Blanchard has taught at Purdue in the economics department since 1998. Her current research interests focus on the economics of information, particularly in labor markets and in higher education. In addition, Dr. Blanchard acts as a consultant for clients involved in antitrust litigation. Her expertise has guided nationally recognized institutions such as ARCO and the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA).

John Burr
Clinical Assistant Professor of Management

KRAN 432

Dr. Burr is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University.  His teaching includes both Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship.  Dr. Burr has been with Purdue University since 2001 when began to pursue his Ph.D. while working full time in Purdue's Discovery Park as an IT manager.  In 2009, Dr. Burr took a Visiting Assistant Professor position with Consumer Sciences and Retailing teaching selling and sales management before joining Krannert.

Bhagyashree Katare
Agricultural Economics

KRAN 640

Dr. Katare’s research interests are in the economics of food, health, nutrition, and particularly on the empirical analysis of consumption behavior related to health outcomes. Her current research centers on the economic determinants of weight gain and the spread of obesity. In the next few years, Dr. Katare will develop a research program focused on understanding how environmental factors and peers influence the health choices and decisions of individuals. Her teaching responsibilities include an undergraduate course in agricultural marketing.

Vincent Duffy
Associate Professor Agricultural & Biological Engineering & Industrial Engineering

GRIS 236

Dr. Duffy's area of interests are Agricultural Systems, Safety and Health.

Stephen Leitch
Hospitality & Tourism Management

Marriott Hall Room 238

Stephen Leitch, PhD is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Purdue University, teaching business classes in Consumer Science and Hospitality Management.  His teaching and research interests cover revenue management, marketing, and big data.  He has won several innovation in teaching awards and holds strong ties to industry and the business community.  He is also the Assistant Director in the Centre for Hospitality & Retail Industries Business Analytics at Purdue. 


Cara Putman

KRAN 543

At Krannert, Cara serves as the School of Management Honors Director and teaches undergraduate and graduate core courses in business law, communications for masters of marketing students, Business Law for masters of accounting, as well as employment law, international law, business ethics, and corporate governance.  She has taught the core graduate business law class since 2006, and journeyed to Germany to teach it in the summer of 2012. In addition she has led undergraduate study abroad experiences in Siena, Florence, and Rome, and looks forward to returning to Florence in summer 2019.

Robert Stwalley
Clinical Assistant Professor

ABE 2014

Faculty member In Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Dr. Stwalley's areas of interest are Machine Systems Engineering, Data Science and Digital Agriculture.