Purdue Student Soybean Innovation Competition
Official Judging

All Teams will be judged on the following criteria –


1/3         Final Report/Business Plan

See web page for detailed explanation of documents that should be included in your Final Report/Business Plan


1/3         Prototype

Team prototypes need to work as the team claims.  You will want to test your prototype against your competitor’s product and prove how your soy-based prototype is better


1/3         10-Minute Team Presentation to the Official Judges

Teams will provide in advance a PowerPoint presentation for Official Judging.  This presentation should address the following  –

Give a brief summary of your product/prototype (5 minutes or less)

How large is the market for your product in both dollars and soy volume (amount), use tons or bushels

Are there competing products on the market and if so, what/who are they

Can your product compete in the market?  Is it cheaper, faster, better, offer additional benefits?  How is your product, by using soy, significantly better than any competing products? 

What are the disadvantages of your product?  What are the disadvantages compared to the current competitor?

Why should your product win the competition