Frequently Asked Questions

What's this all about?

Students compete after creating and marketing new industrial products made from soybeans (or soybean components).

The competition is sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Alliance.

I don't know anything about soybeans, is that alright?

No problem! You only need one technical person on your team who can perform the lab work. Teams of 2 to 4 full time Purdue students (undergrads & graduate) area allowed.

How will I form my team?

Talk to your friends or classmates. You can also meet possible team members at the Call-Out in the fall. Next, you will choose two professors who will act as the team's advisers and provide lab space.

Why should I compete?

You will gain the experience of working with others outside of your major.

You will be able to show potential employers a completed product made by you!

Great resume enhancer!

You will have the opportunity to mingle with manufacturing representatives who might want to buy your product or hire you!

You could potentially change the world.

Stand out in other invention events and contests.

Win CASH! $20,000 to the winning team, $10,000 to the runner-up team and $5,000 to the third place team. Plus – Every team that finishes will receive a nice completion award.

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