Hey Purdue Students! Want to win $20,000?

Find out how at the Student Soybean Innovation Competition Call-Out. 
This competition is open to all Purdue undergraduate and graduate students! 

2022 Call-Out September 22nd!




The purpose of this competition is to encourage students to exercise their knowledge and skills in creating new industrial products from soybeans.  Student teams will enter this competition to create novel products or materials using soybeans, or their components. 

Student innovation contests are excellent learning tools.  Through these competitions, students will gain practical experience in utilizing their coursework education to develop products/processes, learning about specific new technical areas, and applying economic, technical and marketing feasibility.  Industry gains novel ideas for potential commercial development, as well as developing future potential employees.

Find out more at the Competition Call-Out!

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Team Smulch Won $20,000!
2021-22 Soybean Competition Winners!

Left to Right:
Zuhal Cakir, (Chemical Engineering), Libby Plassard (Business Mangement/Finance), Ethan Miller (BioChemistry)