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Technical Process Summary 1 Assignment

In your Technical Process Summary1 assignment you should clearly state the technical details of how your product is being/will be produced. The Technical Process Summary 1 assignment should contain the following information:

  • Include a list of critical process parameters and a flowchart of the process.
  • Describe the critical impact/functionality/performance characteristics of soy or corn components in your product.
  • List the amount of corn and or soy components contained in your product.
  • Describe the key technical or commercial issues needed to produce this product.
  • Address if this product can be made with existing facilities/technologies or are totally new facilities or retooling needed?

Keep your audience in mind (the judges) when writing your Technical Process Summary Assignments. You need to be as detailed and descriptive as possible but at the same time use terminology that a layman will be able to understand and comprehend.

Technical Process Summary 1 Assignment Rubric






Total Points

Technical Details

Thorough, easy to read details

Detailed but hard to understand

Not well written or very hard to understand

Did not address the technical details



Clear, well organized, accurate, and descriptive

Clear, organized, accurate, but could use more description

Not well organized or descriptive

No chart turned in with assignment


Impact / functionality / performance of the corn or soy components

Easily described in detail the role that the corn/soy components play in the product

Described the corn/soy components role but not in layman's terms

Did not thoroughly address the role of the corn/soy components

Did not address the corn/soy components role in the product


Technical / Commercial Issues

Issues were well thought out and addressed

Some issues were not discussed

Missed many of the technical / commercial issues

Not addressed in the assignment


Manufacturing Needs

Understood and explained the manufacturing needs for this product

Thought of many needs but still missed some key issues

Not well thought out or little understanding of the manufacturing needs

Not addressed


Assignment turned in on time with advisors' signatures

Turned in at meeting with advisors' signatures

Turned in after meeting with advisors' signatures

Turned in after meeting with no advisors' signatures

Turned in late


Total Points





/ 100

Not Pass


You must earn an 90% or better to continue in the competitions. You will be given one opportunity to redo this assignment if you do not earn an 90% or better. Even if you earn an 90% on this assignment you may be asked to redo a portion of this assignment to more accurately meet the rubric criteria. If you are asked to redo a portion of the assignment and it is not turned in by the due date set by the competition administrator your team may be eliminated from the competitions.

Technical Process Summary 1 in pdf format

If your team has any questions about this assignment please direct them to:

Micky Creech
Soy Competition Program Manager
NLSN 3259