Patent Search / Literature Review Assignment

The purpose of the Patent Search/Literature Review is to inform, provide appropriate research, and demonstrate continued progress towards the project goal. Make sure to include all copies of patents and articles found with your patent search/literature review assignment.

The Patent Search/Literature Review Assignment should contain the following information:

  • Provide a list of sources used to search for patents/articles (include websites, libraries, contacts with those knowledgeable in patent searching, programs used, etc.)
  • Provide a list of key words used to search for patents/articles.
  • What prior patents or provisional patents already exist that are the same as or close to your proposed product?
  • What literature already exists about your proposed product?
  • Summary of the information you found and what other future work might be needed to make the patent search complete.

Patent Search Assignment Rubric







List of sources used
All available sources were used
Several sources were searched
Three or fewer sources were used
One source used


Keys words searched
Extensive key words searched
Basic key words searched
Three or fewer key words searched
One key word searched


Prior patents/literature found
No patents or provisional patents found no literature found
Only provisional patents found and very little literature
Prior patents found
Many patents and articles found


Excellent, well thought out summary
Good summary including information provided
Summary given but not well organized or thought out
No summary given


Assignments turned in on time with advisors’ signatures
Turned in at meeting with advisors’ signatures
Turned in after the meeting with advisors’ signatures
Turned in after the meeting with no advisors’ signatures
Turned in late


Total Points





Not Pass

You must earn a 90% or better to continue in the competitions. You will be given one opportunity to redo this assignment if you do not earn a 90% or better. Even if you earn a 90% on this assignment you may be asked to redo a portion of this assignment to more accurately meet the rubric criteria. If you are asked to redo a portion of the assignment and it is not turned in by the due date set by one of the competition administrators your team may be eliminated from the competition.

Patent Search / Literature Review in pdf format

If your team has any questions regarding this assignment please direct them to:

Micky Creech


NLSN 3259