Packaging Assignment

The purpose of the Packaging assignment is to provide a visually appealing, interest arousing, marketing tool for your product. Remember that your product should pique the interest of the judges and make them want to pick it up to find out more about your product.

Please take into account the following criteria for your product packaging:

  • Make your packaging visually appealing
    • Unique shape/design
    • Color coordinated
    • Make people want to know more about your product just by looking at it
  • Make your packaging informative
  • Include the name of the product
  • Include the function of the product
  • Include any directions for use
  • Include any safety/allergy warnings
  • The package opens and closes easily but won’t spill
  • The shape of the packaging makes it easy to deliver/ship
  • The product is stored appropriately for shelf-life and stability (physical, chemical, microbial)
  • Provides Appropriate Protection

If your team has any questions regarding these assignments, please direct them to:

Micky Creech
Soy Competition Program Manager
ABE 2024