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Market Analysis Assignment

The purpose of the Market Analysis is to inform, provide appropriate research, and to demonstrate continued progress towards the project goal. Be sure to appropriately site your sources of information.

The Market Analysis should contain the following information:

  • Existing products on the market that are comparable to yours
  • Proposed benefits/advantages and limitations of your product
  • Target market demographic and potential market size/sales for your product
  • Product price/cost range for manufacturing and retailing your product
  • Potential for commercialization by existing companies (retooling needed, new manufacturing facilities?)
  • Potential impact on soybean or corn utilization
  • Summary of marketing information and future work needed

Market Analysis Assignment Rubric

You must earn a 90% or better to continue in the competitions. You will be given one opportunity to redo this assignment if you do not earn a 90% or better. Even if you earn a 90% on this assignment you may be asked to redo a portion of this assignment to more accurately meet the rubric criteria. If you are asked to redo a portion of the assignment and it is not turned in by the due date set by the competition administrator your team may be eliminated from the competitions.

Market Analysis Assignment in pdf format


If your team has any questions regarding this assignment please direct them to:

Micky Creech
Soy Competition Program Manager
NLSN 3259