Final Report Assignment

The purpose of the Final Report assignment is to accurately communicate to the judges the compilation of all the work you have accomplished during the competitions. Please note that all materials and intellectual properties become the sole property of the Indiana Soybean Alliance and Purdue University. Your team should provide 9 copies of your written and bound Final Report assignment. You will want to make additional copies for your team to keep.  You will also need to submit your final report electronically to Micky Creech at

Please include the following information in your written Final Report assignment:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Introduction
    1. Team Name and Team Logo
    2. Description of the product your team produced
    3. What needs are fulfilled by the invention of your product
    4. Could there be other uses for this product
  3. Review of relevant literature and patent search process (include pertinent articles and patents found)
  4. Market Analysis
    1. Existing products on the market that are comparable to yours
      1. Compare their physical properties, appearance, price, and value to your product
      2. Why is yours better
    2. Proposed benefits or advantages and limitations of your product
    3. Target market demographic for this product and potential market size/sales for your product
    4. Product price/cost range for manufacturing and retailing your product
    5. Potential for commercialization by existing companies
    6. Potential impact on soybean utilization (soy sales in tons and/or semi loads)
    7. Summary of marketing information and future work needed
  5. Technical Feasibility
    1. Include a list of critical process parameters and a flowchart of the process
    2. Describe the critical impact/functionality/performance characteristics of soy components in your product
    3. List the amount of soy components contained in your product
    4. Describe the key technical or commercial issues needed to produce this product
    5. Address if this product can be made with existing facilities/technologies or are totally new facilities or retooling needed?
  6. Address any critical safety, utilization, environmental, political, or social issues surrounding your product
  7. Summary of your project accomplishments
    1. Why your product was successful
    2. What would be the next step(s) to make your product marketable (think of cost prohibiting factors, trying different formulations, more lab time for development, adding another aspect to your product like color, texture, pattern, etc.)
    3. A brief summary and bio from each team member stating what you have learned from the competition and how will the competition be relevant to your future endeavors
  8. Thank supporters such as Advisors, ADM, Cargill, Beck's etc.  Be sure and thank your Advisors
  9. Include a Bibliography for all references used throughout the competition